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Year 8~Dragon Energy & Light Codes Are Entering Earth

We are moving through more layers of density as a collective right now. Things might be feeling heavy, and we might feel that we don’t have the energy to do much. Some of us might even be feeling borderline depressed while others might be experiencing heightened levels of stress, anxiety and sleepless nights. Some of us might even be holding our breaths as we anticipate and feel that something big is about to happen.

*Know that you are being upgraded at this time.*

The momentum and true energy of this year is going to be felt around the astrological new year which will be during Aries season. For now, a lot of us are being encouraged to turn inwards and to resolve any darkness, energy draining habits, thought patterns that no longer serve us. We have just begun the new year and it is in understanding that this moment is an invitation for us to purge energies and ways of being that suffocate our soul.

If your human self is having a particularly hard time, know that it is because you are being prepared to hold more light and to ascend. Your human self carries a lot of density and conditioning. That is just part of this realm. But more than ever, especially this year, more light is entering this part of the universe.

We this year being a year 8, we have the power and strength of the Lion encouraging us to step boldly into our hearts, to roar, and claim what is rightfully ours. The Lion will be our guide as we shine our light brighter than ever. We also have the discipline, patience and responsibility conveyed by papa Saturn, guiding us to trust in the divine’s timing and to take inspired action to turn our dreams into a reality when the right opportunity presents itself. As we approach the month of February, we have the Chinese New Year where we will be leaving the year of the rabbit to enter into the year of the dragon.

The dragon encourages us to hold our vision with pride, honor, and valor. Dragons move with surety and assurance. They are grounded in their power and way of life. They have the power to destroy with their might and yet wield their power with responsibility and devotion to what matters most.

We will be encouraged as a collective to tap into these energies for ourselves. But first, our human vessel must be prepared to hold such frequencies.

There is a time when dragons along with fairies, unicorns and other magical creatures roamed the earth freely. The energies of the earth densified, and these creatures could no longer live here. They chose to shift into higher vibrations and realms until such a time where the earth would be energetically favorable to welcoming them back. That time is now. Mystical creatures have begun returning to the earth plane, and they are doing so with their energy first and foremost. More and more souls will be receiving the call to embody these higher frequencies.

Understand that your human vessel will need to undergo a lot of shifts in order for you to be able to hold these frequencies. These shifts will vary from individual to individual. These shifts could include the need for more rest and more alone time to recharge. These shifts could include dietary changes and sleep schedule changes as well. Tune inwards and trust your intuition. You are being upgraded to hold more light. You are being upgraded to hold higher frequencies that will shift humanity towards the golden age.

The work you are doing now is so very sacred. You are leading the charge. Do not for one minute underestimate your capabilities. You are important. You are needed. These upgrades are the next step for your soul ascension and mission. Do not fight them. Let whatever needs to come up, come up. Do not judge yourself. Do not blame yourself. Rather, step into self-forgiveness and compassion. Let these gentle frequencies wash through you, clearing out any energies that have been holding you down. You are ready.

This is your time. Though it might not feel that way yet, trust. Trust that the divine, you spiritual team, the dragons, the elementals, the fairies, the unicorns are all conspiring in your favor. You have your ancestors also supporting you (a lot of grandmother energy coming through…). Believe in yourself, in your dreams, in your vision.

Give yourself the chance to start and for the time being rest, rejuvenate and gather your strength. Things will be taking off in April/May for a lot of us. Some of us will really see the results in August. Hang on until then.

Practice loads of self-love and self-care. Do you for the time being. After all, we are in January and in the season of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The great mother is at rest here, and so we as her children can also rest. So, rest.

All my love,


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