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Archetype Wheel Reading

Are you ready for a transformative self-discovery journey?

Archetypes are universal  behavioral patterns that can either empower or disempower us.

The Current Archetype Wheel Reading reveals your current archetypes, inviting you to embody their light and to notice their shadows to become more self-aware.

In terms of archetypes,  I work with Caroline Myss' Sacred Contract oracle cards. There is a total of 78 cards.  This reading will reveal your 12 current archetypes, arming you with guidance and clarity to move forward on your path.

Are you the Pioneer, blazing your own trail ahead? Or maybe you are the Advocate, fiercely protecting the vulnerable? Come find out which archetypes are currently paving your way...

P.S. If you are looking for more in depth exploration of archetypes such as the archetypes that have been with you since birth, known as the Original Archetypes, click here.

Length: 1 hour LIVE Zoom session

Price: $222 CAD

Activating Current Archetypes
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