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Astrology Reading

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Astro Insight from a Psychic Intuitive

Your destiny is written in the stars. Are you ready to decode it?


Join me on this illuminating journey through the cosmos and discover your  purpose and potential. Whether you're new to astrology or a seasoned enthusiast, I'm here to be your cosmic guide.

Your starlit journey can provide valuable insight into the following areas:

  • Career and Life Path : Say goodbye to uncertainty. I'll help you confidently navigate career decisions, leveraging your strengths and aligning with your astrological energies.

  • Spiritual and Personal Growth: Embark on a transformative spiritual journey. Explore your hidden depths and gain a profound understanding of your soul's evolution, karmic lessons, and life's purpose.

  • Relationship Compatibility: Whether it's romance, friendships, or business, let astrology shed light on your relationship dynamics. Uncover valuable insights and gain the clarity you need.

Don't remain in the dark about your potential. Seize your destiny and uncover your soul purpose. Discover who you are meant to be today!

Length: 2h LIVE Zoom session

Price: $444 CAD

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