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Water Signs~ New Moon in Aquarius & The Next 2 Decades

Today, we have the Moon joining the Sun, Pluto and Mercury all in Aquarius.

This is giving us the needed energy to think outside the box and to get really creative, unconventional and innovative.

With the current energy being focused in the sign of Aquarius, we are going to be encouraged to drop the mask and the act we’ve been playing to really step into our authentic selves. The energies that are coming up today will be staying with us for the next little while, especially considering that Pluto is now here to stay.

With that in mind, I wanted to draw cards for the signs and offer a glimpse into what you can anticipate coming your way, not only during the current transit, but over the next 2 decades as Pluto makes its way through Aquarius.

The cards are going to be looking at what energy is going be activated within you during this new moon and for the duration of Pluto in Aquarius. We will also explore the guiding force leading you forward on your path. Next we will explore the energy you will be called to embody and integrate over the next few years in order to fully become who you truly are. Lastly, what is a new moon without a moon message. The final card will be a moon affirmation card.

You can find the decks used at the bottom of this article. If you are curious about what the cards look like, you can find them on my Instagram @iamthedragongoddess. Finally, iF you are seeking to get in touch with me, feel free to write to me to I would love to walk alongside you for a little while.

Please note that these messages are intended for your rising sign, but as always, trust your intuition. If you are guided to read for your Sun, Moon or stellium placement, please do so! There is a message for you there.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!


Activation Message:

14-Communication~The frequency of Communication supports our ability to exchange information in many different forms. It reminds us to run every piece of information-both incoming and outgoing-through our heart, the center of our truth, to stay in the flow of Source and balanced exchange”.  Prepare to have your relationships be put to the test dear Cancer, for their evolution and yours. For too long you have held back truly expressing your inner most thoughts and feelings. This repression has potentially caused excessive tension, stress and worry to build up within your divine vessel. Spirit is here to remove this weight from your shoulders, should you allow spirit to do so.

Similar to Taurus, you might have gotten accustomed to keeping your mouth shut, people pleasing and not rocking the boat to keep the peace. Spirit is coming through to say enough. You’ve burdened yourself long enough. It is time for your to soar free. The frequency of communication is coming through to cleanse and rebalance your throat and heart chakra at this time. There has long been disharmony between what you say and what you feel. No more. This energy you will be leaving in the past.

As your heart and throat activate and begin to balance themselves out, you might notice that you have more energy, more joy and abundance flowing into your life. This is your reward for expressing your truth. Spirit knows how sensitive and deeply caring and compassionate you are when it comes to others. Spirit also knows that you don’t always display this same sensitivity, care and compassion towards yourself. That’s about to change. The next 2 decades are going to be about freeing yourself from the shackles of suppression. No more.

Out with the old, in with the new Cancer that speaks their truth because dearest Cancer, you can deliver your truth without it hurting others. This is where the frequency of communication will be your greatest ally. Lean in and set yourself free. It is time.

Guiding Force:

60-Watchers~Transpersonal”. Observe. Notice. Watch. Over the next 2 decades dear cancer, your sense of observation will drastically increase. You will notice subtleties you never noticed before about yourself and others. These new insights will be pouring in and leading you to tremendous and possibly life changing breakthroughs.

New gifts and talents you never knew you had might also awaken and come online. Know that these gifts, whatever they may be, are karmic blessings being bestowed upon you by your ancestors. Whether you are actively connected to your ancestors or not, they watch over you.

For others of you, certain deities watch over you and may make themselves more known to you. Some of you may experience deeply personal spiritual experiences over the next 2 decades, experiences designed to open your eyes even further, further than you ever thought possible. Be open to having your worldview change and evolve. You change and evolve and so can your beliefs, ideals and values. Allow yourself the grace and the space to change. Everything will be okay. 

Energy Embodiment:

Wisdom”. Through the journey you will be undertaking these coming years, you will be gaining so much wisdom dear Cancer. Wisdom is gained through experience, hard lessons and failures. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, of changing course or setting out on a new direction all together. Understand that whatever path you choose to take, it is divinely guided and orchestrated. You are never alone and always divinely supported and guided during every step you take.

Your spirit guides are coming in strong. The connection you have with your spirit guides will heighten and deepen over time. Some guides that have been with you for ages might finally make themselves known on a more intimate basis. Be open to receiving their wisdom and counsel. When things seem hard and impossible to endure, turn to them for support. As your ruler, the moon, is currently in Aquarius. This energy encourages you to step out of your comfort zone. Take risks. Be bold. Put yourself out there more and watch the golden wisdom pour in.

Moon affirmation:

My words and actions are of beauty, compassion and love. ~ Mood God Baiame”. Allow yourself to receive good things. You deserve it.


Activation Message:

21-Divine Feminine~ The frequency of Divine Feminine supports our receptive, nurturing, and soft side, allowing it to express itself openly and helping us to connect to our intrinsic understanding of our connection to all of creation”. Dear Scorpio, you will be initiated into your creative force and ability over the next two decades. There is a softer side that is seldom seen, and spirit is inviting you to explore this aspect of yourself. For some of you, this gentleness and tenderness has been repressed because of a distorted relationship with your own mother. This relationship will be rectified and balanced over the next coming years. You will be invited to explore what the divine feminine means to you, and this regardless of your gender.

When you think of the words divine feminine, what comes up for you? Simply notice and engage with curiosity. Are you pulled in towards this energy or are you repulsed by the mere mention of it? Whatever is coming up for you is what you need to tap into. If the words divine feminine make you squeamish or trigger some resistance, there might be some laten wounding when it comes to the feminine principle that needs your attention. If the words spark joy and excitement, you are ready to deepen your connection with this frequency. If you don’t know how to connect with this energy at all, simply ask for support and guidance on how to do so.

The divine feminine is a facet of the creator mother. She holds and wields life, love and forgiveness. When was the last time you practiced forgiveness dear Scorpio? Are you still holding on to past events, wishing they had turned out differently? Allow the divine feminine healing energy to sweep away the past.

You have a bright future ahead of you, but the past needs to be laid to rest. Tune into the frequency of softness, gentleness, compassion and tenderness. See how these energies lead you to your inner child that might be needing some of your love and attention. Be open and allow this sacred frequency in.

Guiding Force:

37-Magician’s Sword~Confidence in your magic”. Dear Scorpio, your magical abilities and talents are on the rise, and they will continue to rise as you begin reclaiming more and more of your innate power. As powerful as you are and will become, remember to wield this power with responsibility and rightful authority.

Do not use your power to hurt, ridicule or wound others as tempting and as justified it may be. Choose the higher road. Wield your power with maturity and grace. When one is given the powers of a magician, one must make a choice: will you give into the darker arts, twisting your power for your own gain? Or will you use your power for good, becoming a champion for the underdog?

You have free will and can take any path Scorpio but understand that there are always consequences to a choice. This is the law of cause and effect, of cause and consequence. Whatever you do will always trigger and effect or a consequence, be it positive or negative. You have the ability to change the course of your life for the better. Don’t waste it on pay back or revenge. Seek new heights, new aspirations. Let your sword guide you. Be confident and sure. You will know exactly what to do.

Energy Embodiment:

Determination”. Determination, willpower and perseverance are some of your core strengths dear Scorpio. Your determination will be put to the test in the coming years. Will you remain on the high, more difficult road or will you allow yourself to succumb to the lower, easier road? You have the determination it takes to endure and move through anything. Heck, with your might Scorpio, mountains may just very well move out of your way. You are heavily guarded and protected at this time.

For some of you, these guides are angelic in nature and for others of you, they are animal spirit guides. If you feel lost or confused, unsure of whom to trust or talk too, turn to your guides. Your guides want what is best for you. They are always on your side. Let them in and seek refuge in their protection and counsel. Rest if need be. You don’t always need to be fighting or doing. Simply being and existing is more than enough.

Moon affirmation:

I let go of the anxieties of others~Micro Moon”. Release your thoughts regarding others, their problems and how they might be perceiving you. Focus on you and you alone. Watch how things get done a lot quicker without the weight of others holding you back.


Activation Message:

2-Sacral Chakra~ The frequency of the Sacral Chakra-the orange Flower of Life-supports our ability to flow with our desires, and stimulates our creative power to manifest success and abundance in our lives.” Dear Pisces, things might have been trying for you lately. You might have noticed yourself being more emotional and temperamental lately. This is because your sacral chakra is requiring your attention. Your sacral chakra is the seat of your emotionality, sensuality, sexuality and creativity. From this energetic center, you draw in and manifest abundance and success. If you have been desiring more abundance and success, this is a sign that your sacral chakra needs some healing.

Take some time to reconnect with this feminine center, and this regardless of your gender. The sacral chakra is a receptive center, it pullsand attracts energy towards it. If you are a highly sensitive person or an empath, a lot of the energy you pick up from other people gets stored and processed here. For this reason, spiritual cleanses are paramount for your well-being. Anytime you find yourself feeling off emotionally, connect with water. Take a bath or a shower and visualize the water cleansing you of all energies that is not your own. Anchoring in more spiritual hygiene will be important for you over the next coming years.

If you are engaged in spiritual work, your senses will be heightened, making it that much more important for you to take care of yourself and to wipe down your aura after healing sessions. Understand that as you grow in spiritual power, darker entities and people will be attracted to you. Practicing protection will be helpful for you at this time.

If you are not currently working in the spiritual arts, know that you bring a spiritual touch and flare to whatever it is you do. People see you as their confidante and might trauma dump on you. Though it can be heart warming to know that people trust you in this way, it can also be depleting. Making sure you take adequate time to rest, and recharge will be important. Potential health flare ups are forecasted if you do not take care of yourself. The next 2 decades are going to challenge you to put in place appropriate boundaries and to ensure that you fill your cup first. Don’t allow anyone to bully you. Stand your ground and speak your truth. Tend to your inner waters.

Guiding Force:

59-Wailing Tree~ Reconciliations." Dear Pisces, being the sensitive one has not always been easy for you. People come to you for advice, sympathy and support and don’t always return the same. Over the next few years, spirit is going to be encouraging you to see things for what they are. If you are surrounded by people that constantly complain about their lives yet do nothing to change it, they need to go. The energy of the wailing tree is coming through as your guiding force: if anyone sounds like they are constantly wailing and leaving you depleted, these relationships are not meant for you. Thought it might be challenging for you to put your foot down, call upon spirit.

Being a water sign, you have a strong infinity with spirit. Spirit absolutely loves you. Spirit constantly watches over you. If a certain relationship becomes too hard to navigate and manage, seek support and help. This help can take the form of a prayer, or it can be leaning on a trusted friend. Know that you don’t need to change your relationship dynamics alone. Support is available to you now and always.

For some of you, the wailing tree is family. Though you might have grown up with these people, that does not give them the right to disrespect you or to treat you poorly. If family members are constantly wailing to you about their lives, it may be time to either cut ties or place strong boundaries. Call on spirit for support with this.

Energy Embodiment:

The Secret”. There might be some drama that unfolds around you dear Pisces over the coming years. For some of you, the secrets revealed have to do with family trauma and wounding. Things that use to be kept hidden are going to be revealed. Spirit is asking that you play the role of observer during this time period. Don’t be quick to judge or take sides, allow things to play out. Things might to be as they seem. Wait until you are crystal clear and then make a move if necessary.

For others of you, the secrets revealed have to do with work. You might have been working for a company that was sweeping various secrets under the rug for years. Know that these secrets will be coming up to the surface. Again, don’t jump to conclusions when this happens. Simply observe until you get the facts straight.

For others, the secrets have to do with colleagues. Be mindful of your words and who you speak to at work. Someone may try to backstab you and go for the promotion you so rightfully deserve. Try not to speak about what is being revealed to anyone unless you whole heartedly trust them. Be ready to receive life changing information over the coming decades.

Moon affirmation:

I assess matters carefully and discern wisely. ~ Waxing Gibbous 1”. Take your time to process information as it comes in. Don’t jump to conclusions. Simply allow and observe.

Decks used:

Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle by LON

The Shaman’s Dream Oracle by Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid

The Primordial Warrior Oracle by Levi Smits

Moon Magick-Deep Moon Messages by Stacey Demarco

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