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Total Solar Eclipse in Aries~ Emergence of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

Dear wonderful souls,


What a day it is today! We finally have the long-awaited New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries.


What makes this solar eclipse particularly captivating is that it will be following a trajectory it hasn’t followed in over 360 years. This rare total solar eclipse is bringing in a wave of energy all on its own.


But what exactly is happening within the collective? What insights can be gathered and shared?


Within the collective, a lot of Arian energy is being activated. We now have the Moon in Aries in addition to the Sun, Mercury, the North Node and good old Chiron.


As a collective, we are being initiated into observing how we view ourselves. Through this observation, we are then being encouraged to reflect upon how we connect with others through our communication, our way of love and our emotionality so that we may move forward in the right direction. If the people around us aren't supportive or willing to understand who we are, Aries urges us to release them so that better connections can come forward.


Though closing doors on relationships isn't always easy, destiny and fate run their course during eclipse season. We can either actively make these decisions or standby as the universe makes them for us.


Whichever boat you find yourself in, know that your path is being divinely wielded and orchestrated at this time. Fate is taking over. You are being activated so that the divine warrior within may surge forward and lead. Wherever Aries sits in your birth chart is where this energy will be felt and noticed the most. This is where the climax and culmination of the total solar eclipse will be happening.


Through an esoteric lens, shifts between the divine feminine and the divine masculine will be occurring on a deeper, more subconscious level. The sun, typically representing the divine masculine energy, and the moon, representing the divine feminine energy, will be coming together in a cosmic dance in the sky.


The divine feminine energy eclipsing the divine masculine energy is an open invitation to turn inwards and ask ourselves what aspect of our life is currently being eclipsed positively by the feminine and what aspect of our life is being negatively eclipsed by the feminine?


To answers these questions, one must first understand the representation of the feminine as depicted through history. Through the ages, the feminine has shapeshifted. She was once deeply revered and seen as a symbol of divinity where she occupied roles of equal leadership to the masculine. These were our healers, our seers and our oracles. But due to the cycle of energy here on earth, the reverence of the feminine collapsed and the siege of the masculine begun. This siege and disempowerment of the feminine was brought forward by patriarchy. Patriarchy pushed out the feminine, leaving her to live on the outskirts of society. Her sacred role became warped and distorted, being subjugated to the masculine. And so we saw the fall of the divine feminine and the divine masculine simultaneously because one cannot thrive without the other.


But slowly, the divine feminine has been reawakened. Slowly, she is being remembered.

Though the feminine has occupied a distorted and disempowered role up until now, she endured. She remained. And now, she is on the rise.


With the moon in the sign of the warrior, we can sense and notice the wave of feminine courage, empowerment, strength, resilience, bravery and luminosity returning once again. The masculine, though distorted due to patriarchy, is also shapeshifting and beginning to remember its divine origin.


Together, we are witnessing the rise of the divine feminine and the divine masculine once more. We are remembering the power of the collective union between both sources of power.


Today, as the feminine eclipses the masculine, we remember her power. Her divine power to illuminate the darkness and to be the darkness all at once. To be wild and free, untamed by the convictions and rules of society. To be wise, healing and the medicine many souls need to commence their inward journey back to their soul.


The power of the feminine is the power to introspect, reflect, integrate and heal. Couple this power with the masculine’s amplified luminosity, stability and determination and ripples of change are sure to take place. Change favoring a more heart-centered approach towards ourselves and others.


Because though the feminine and the masculine can be rightfully empowered, nothing compares to the power they hold when they merge together and form inner union. This inner union of the masculine and the feminine is where power truly lies because it is here where we find harmony, balance and perfect integration.


If anything, today’s eclipse is reminding us to look deeply within and to contemplate our relationship to our inner masculine and inner feminine. Do our inner energies coexist peacefully, or do they fight each other for light, for love and for attention?


In today's total solar eclipse, the sun will be blocked out by the moon, but the sun’s outer ring will be amplified. Though looking directly at the eclipse is unsafe due to the damage it can cause our eyes, we can interpret this luminosity symbolically.


When we reflect upon the ring of light caused by the total solar eclipse, what comes to mind? What feelings arise? Maybe we feel awe and wonder by the beauty of this spectacular cosmic event. Or maybe we feel more fear, sensing that something unfortunate might be waiting for us around the corner. Whatever arises for us today and in the upcoming weeks is to show us where we are not yet free.


Any fears that are still crippling us must be illuminated, healed and ultimately released. We are beings of the light and of the darkness. We are both masculine and feminine. When we can understand and integrate this simple truth, we can know empowerment. We can know peace. We can know harmony.


Allow this cosmic wonder to shake up your path and illuminate your next steps. The clarity you seek can be found within. You simply need to take the time to reflect.

Take some time to journal and notice where you are now and where you would like to be. Ask the eclipse for guidance if that feels supportive for you to do so. The power has always been within you. You have always been the weaver of your destiny along with the great cosmos.


Tap into your divine origins and remember who you are.... Release all that no longer serves and look forward with bravery. Your destiny awaits.


And so it is....

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