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The Beauty of Intimidation

The beauty of intimidation is quite mysterious. Many people tend to feel uncomfortable in her presence. Some even struggle to acknowledge her existence, dismissing her entirely.

Feeling and experiencing intimidation is a gift.

I used to feel intimated by people that I felt held power and authority. Genuine power and authority, not authority bestowed by an occupation. I felt intimidated because I strived to be like them. I loved the energy and the aura they emanated. I desired to be like them.

Being on the flip side now, I have grown so much into my own personal power that I have a new and profound understanding of intimidation and what it means to feel intimidated.

Intimidation arises when we are not acknowledging or recognizing something within ourselves that we clearly see in the other and envy. Whatever you are envious of, intimated by… it’s because that exact same frequency is alive and present within you. You simply need to do the work to unearth it, activate it and embody it.

Intimidation comes through to show us where we are not yet free. She comes to guide us to our personal power. She comes to guide us to our throne that is rightfully ours, and nobody else’s.

Understand that if you are intimidated by someone’s beauty, you have yet to truly see your own. If you are intimated by someone’s power, you have yet to truly recognize and embody your own. If you are intimidated by someone’s gifts, you have yet to accept and truly awaken your own.

Release your shame and guilt around feeling intimated and around intimidation. Rather see intimidation as an invitation.

Intimidation is a whisper, beckoning you inwards and upwards into your rightful sovereignty and inner power. Intimidation is a call to power, urging you forward to reclaim your lost and forgotten throne. Intimidation is a light, illuminating where you are still disempowered and not fully acknowledging your true potential.

You can let others inspire you but to be intimated by them is disempowering.

Let people that have something you want inspire you. Tap in. Tune in. They are merely embodying something that you already have alive within you. You simply need to uncover what that is for yourself.

Once you reclaim and embody your power, heartfully and soulfully, you will sit peacefully on your own throne, in your own personal power.

You will know when you have arrived, for your power will echo through your bones.

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