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Self-Care as a Pillar to Personal Power

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

I took a self-care day today and I feel absolutely nourished and supported.

I took my time tending to my own needs and looking after myself, both spiritually and physically. I slept in and meditated. Then I got up, showered, and tended to my body’s needs and wants.

I spent time cleaning up my personal space since my space reflects how I feel inside. I also walked down the street and got a massage (which I hadn’t done in ages). Got back and made art too.

Showing myself immense love and appreciation today has been a blessing. I consciously chose this for myself even though subtle limiting programs came to the surface to try and dissuade me… “Are you sure you are worthy enough of this?”, “What about all the things you need to do?”.

I let those thoughts come up and wash away because I am committed to caring for myself. I have realized over the years that when I take care of myself, that care overflows outwards and nourishes my community and soul tribe.

I have realized that self-care is in fact a pillar to personal power. A pillar that is often overlooked and dismissed due to the grind culture we live in.

I've had to take the time and energy to deprogram my brain from this toxic, disbalanced unhealthy mindset. (Mind you, it does still flare up from time to time but for the most part I am anchored and secure in how I choose to live my life.)

My journey over the past 3 years has been one of reclaiming. It has been reclaiming my ancient wisdom. It has been reclaiming my gentleness and my softness. It has been reclaiming my right to be feminine in a world over absorbed with the masculine.

This reclaiming has allowed me to rediscover and remember what it feels like when I am in right relationship with my destined polarity for this life. My soul chose to incarnate as a woman in this life so that I could experience allowing the feminine principle to lead. This has been hard. I've had many past lives as a man, and I have therefore been born into this life with a strong masculine energy. For close to 30 years, this masculine polarity dominated my life: I was grinding all the time, working, burnt out and overall unhappy. Looking back, I noticed all the friend and family moments I missed because I was studying and/or working. And for what? Absolutely nothing.

I realized that keeping myself in this burnout loop kept me disempowered, exhausted, and irritable. Something had to change. So I did.

A couple years ago, I made the commitment to rediscover what it means to allow the feminine to lead and be in the dominant position. I rested. I reflected. I mediated. I allowed myself to feel everything that I had been suppressing. And through this journey, I began to heal.

Reclaiming this aspect of myself that had been suppressed and almost conditioned out of me saved me from a life of unhappiness and fatigue. I am not meant for hustle culture nor am I designed to grind myself into the ground for “society”. I am meant to live a beautiful life full of wonder, magic, surprises and bliss. This is the life I have chosen to create.

Now, this is not always easy. It requires a constant commitment to the vision I have for myself. So when residual programing comes to the surface, I simply observe it and let it clear out, knowing that that is not what I am choosing anymore.

I am choosing to be free.

I am choosing to design and create life as I see fit.

I am choosing to be feminine.

In this choosing, I am allowing myself to receive all the mysteries, joy, challenges that spirit and I have cocreated together for my evolution.

This is the path I have chosen. This is the path of the divine feminine and what it means to be the embodiment of this principle. This path is not easy, but it is sacred.

I chose the feminine in this life for this is what my soul has come to experience.

Allowing the feminine to lead has been the best decision I could have made for myself. I am finally in right relationship with me.

And so it is.

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