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Pluto Purge-Shifting into the Age of the Great Awakener

Updated: Jan 18

As a collective, we have been moving through dense energies lately. But we are also being prepared for a huge cosmic shift that will be happening on Saturday, January 20th, 2024.

On this day, Pluto will shift into Aquarius, ending its cycle in Capricorn where it has been since 2008.

A lot of us will be feeling heaviness, the need to mourn and grieve around this time whereas others will feel joy, excitement and ecstasy. Know that whatever you are feeling is valid, that whatever you are experiencing matters.

Pluto in Capricorn saw a lot of us follow the masses for a long time until it no longer served us, triggering life changing tower moments. Many of us might have been pursuing traditional paths in terms of careers only to find that that is not where we belonged. This pursuit was not in vain. It taught us beneficial lessons about ourselves, what we value and what matters most to us and our hearts. The twists and turns, blocks and challenges were all key parts of our path to make us, us.

When Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth and transformation, combined its energy with Capricorn, who is ruled by Saturn, the planet of karma, time, cosmic order, divine justice and soul lessons, we lived a life full of hardships and challenges, this being the main theme since 2008. These hardships were necessary for our soul growth and evolution. They are now coming to an end.

But endings require our presence. Endings require us to purge, to release, to cry, to mourn. Endings require that we fully acknowledge who we’ve been and who we could have been, had we followed the crowd. This acknowledgement can bring about a lot of emotions we haven’t felt in a while. Maybe there’s some sadness, maybe there’s some joy. Maybe there's a mix of both. All is valid. All is worthy.

We will all be experiencing the ending of this cycle in different ways.

For me, as I look back, I feel a mix of emotions. I feel soo happy with where I am now. I feel overjoyed and humbled by who I am now. I broke out of the mold to pursue my heart and soul’s calling. This choice was riddled with immense pain and grief. Some of those feelings are coming up now as I reminisce about who and where I've been.

Back in 2008, I was still in high school, in grade 10th to be specific. I remember doing a project on tigers. I remember wanting to raise awareness around the fact that these beautiful creatures where nearing extinction. I remember writing to the Chinese government and the Indian government with my petition signed by teachers and classmates, urging them to protect these animals. This desire to protect the vulnerable and to be of service led me to study politics and to eventually become a lawyer. But I realized that I could not be all I could be in this profession. These paths shackled me to norms, conventions and ways of being that suffocated my soul, that dimmed my light.

As I completed my legal studies in 2018, I got the feeling that something big was going to happen. My soul was preparing me early on for my first Saturn return. Shortly thereafter, I ended up leaving the legal profession and Saturn pushed me to end a 6-year relationship which cued more pain and agony.

Through these changes, Pluto was my confidant and guide as I purged and experienced deep, soul retching pain. Saturn was my teacher, guiding me diligently through each soul lesson. Pluto and Saturn where my masters, my guides, my teachers, as I moved through yet another severe depression.

I understand now that Saturn and Pluto where teaching me the necessary discipline and power to navigate pain like a boss because ultimately, pain is energy. No more, no less. And like any energy, we can learn to tap into it, move through it and ultimately transmute it. Pluto and Saturn taught me how to sit with my pain and to learn from her. Pluto and Saturn taught me how to sit with my pain and to not run from her, but to be still in the darkness with her.

Both these planetary masters have taught me so much about myself. They have shed light on my resilience, my strength, my power, my endurance and my keen ability to tap into pain and transmute it into wisdom. I attribute this ability to Chiron as well who has been a wise and humbling teacher, showing me all the areas where I was not free and where I was holding back my divine expression.

All three of these celestial bodies have shown me where I used to be enslaved, tied down my societal conditioning and all three are now encouraging me to look at how far I have come. I am now free. I let my soul shine and dazzle the masses. My pain has been my greatest teacher and will remain one of my closest friends. My connection to her has been forged with the strongest steal, steal created and crafted by the underworld itself.

As I get ready to move into a new chapter, I mourn, I grieve, I celebrate, all that I have been, and welcome in this new chapter with excitement, a twinkle in my eye and joy in my heart. I am ready. I am ready to be all I can be. The harsh lessons are over and it’s now time for the world to see me shine and to experience my might.

And so I give thanks. I give thanks to the planets that have been the wisest teachers and guides I could ever asked for. I give thanks for their persistence in teaching me even when I was stubborn and didn’t want to listen. I give thanks for their love (they don’t see it this way, but I do), for without it, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

As I close the book on Pluto in Capricorn, I feel celebratory. I feel victorious. I made it. I survived so many things that I thought would kill me.

Armed with my guides, my planetary teachers, I look ahead to Pluto being in Aquarius and what this will mean for us as a society. I am excited. Let the revolution of consciousness begin. The dawn of the great awakener is finally here.

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