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Nodal Power~ Awakening The Dragon Within

We kicked off the Chinese near year this past Saturday, entering the year of the wood dragon. Dragon energy has always been present on earth but due to the density, the darkness and the overall low vibration of planet Earth for quite some time, most of it has dissipated and returned to the ethers until such time when it would be safe for this energy to return.

That time is now.

More than ever, dragon energy is returning to earth to assist in the collective awakening of humanity. More than ever, dragon energy is activating souls so that they may step into their power and truly embody their light.

Dragon energy requires courage, and this is no easy feat. Dragons can be temperamental creatures, seeking only to bestow their blessings and their energy upon the most honorable of hearts. Their teachings, long lost to time, are being remembered. We are remembering that we are divine beings that come from the light and carry undeniable rich wisdom.

Though the dragons have left for some time, they left their imprint within each and every one of us. That imprint is our inner dragon found within our birth chart.

Our inner dragon is depicted by the lunar nodes with the south node representing the dragon’s tail and the north node representing the dragon’s head. To know your north node placement, you need to know your birth time, location and date. With this information, you can look for the symbol that looks like a horseshoe in your birth chart. Now, not all birth chart platforms indicate the south node. This is okay. Your south node is always directly opposite your north node. So if your north node is in the 6th house, your south node will by default be in your 12th house.

Together, the lunar nodes form an energetic tidal wave of energy, guiding us towards our purpose. Our north node, our dragon’s head, indicates our destiny. But we cannot hope to step into destiny without first recalling the past. We need to embody the lessons that stem from our previous lives for these sacred teachings propel us forward. Without understanding our past, we cannot hope to know our future.

That is why our inner dragon, our lunar nodes, are our most powerful guides and allies.

As we enter into the year of the wood dragon, the element of wood brings warmth and grounding to the changes and activations that will be taking place. The dragon gives us the necessary courage to step boldly onto our paths and to breathe fire when necessary.

Our inner dragons are all being inherently activated at this time.

You have a sacred dragon within you, seeking to be remembered, seeking to be embodied so that you may lead a life of purpose and meaning. Your inner dragon has wisdom to share with you, wisdom that will unlock your purpose.

You dragon has awakened. Lean in and listen…

Dragon Head (north node) in Aries or the 1st house:

Dear Arian Dragon, your mission is to know thyself. You have come to experience what it means to step into true mastery of who you are. The mission you set out for yourself in this life might seem isolating, it’s supposed to be. In the past, you were heavily focused on others with your south node being in Libra or the 7th house. You might have put your marriage and your relationships first, never allowing yourself to know who you are. This might have left you prone to depression, disappointment, and a longing in previous lives for something more. You might have started off this life in a similar fashion.

You might have felt depressed at times, not entirely knowing why. That’s because past life disappointments still linger. It is up to you to dare to venture on your own. In the past, you learned the value of relationships. You learned the value of marriage and connection with others. In this life, you are ready to move past all that to know yourself. Though some may call you selfish for this mission, this mission was decided by your soul long ago. Dare to travel and journey where no one has before. This is your purpose.

Dare to be brave, to travel and move alone. You are here to become a fearless warrior of light. Warriors are not forged in community. They are forged through enduring their own battles and coming through victorious on the other side. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of what you are capable of. Dare to dream even bigger. Step into leadership roles for that is what your soul has come to experience. Embrace being in a position of authority, watching and protecting others. In this life, you will develop leaderships skills. You will learn how to be confident and self-assured. Allow your dragon to lead you into new territory. That is where you are meant to venture.

Dragon Head (north node) in Taurus or the 2nd house:

Dear Taurian Dragon, you are meant to completely forge and build an empire when it comes to wealth and monetary success on your own terms. You are here to build a legacy of meaning and value. In the past, you might have been drawn to the occult and to less mainstream forms of knowledge. You might have experienced a sudden death at the hands of someone close to you. This is all Scorpio and 8th house energy, where your south node is. The lesson for you is to learn from this betrayal and to trust again.

South node energy in the 8th house can indicate a fear of intimacy or of getting close to people. You need to overcome this fear and trust that there are good people that want to help you turn your vision into a reality. Though you might have stayed in the shadows in previous lives, you are meant to build an empire that will be known by the thousands. You are here to truly leave your mark on this world, but first you must release any grudges you might still be holding on to. Empires that are designed to last are rooted in light, not darkness. Allow your inner dragon to breathe forgiveness into your life for all those that have wronged you in the past. Trust that you are ready to move forward and to embrace your future with both hands.

As you release this darkness, more opportunities will be heading your way, opportunities that go beyond your wildest dreams. Forgiving in order to receive will be a big theme in your life. If ever you find that things are hard or that you keep hitting roadblock after roadblock, turn inwards. Where are you blocking within your heart? As you take this moment, ask your dragon to illuminate you. Allow whatever needs to arise without judgement. Trust that it is exactly what you need to know and that the action steps you need to take will be revealed. Move forward with confidence and an open heart. You are here to build something that will last beyond lifetimes.

Dragon Head (north node) in Gemini or the 3rd house:

Dear Gemini Dragon, you are here to dazzle the world with your thought processes. You are here to connect the missing pieces of so many forms of knowledge it will make your head spin, literally. That is why anchoring into your past will be crucial for you. In the past, you were a philosopher, you might have studied ancient forms of knowledge and scriptures, always seeking meaning and truth. This would have been your guidepost with having your south node in Sagittarius or the 9th house: the endless quest for knowledge and truth. With this energy comes a big vision. With this energy, the soul can be restless, always moving onto the next thing. In this life, you are meant to make sense of information in a way that is understandable for others.

You are meant to educate, inform and teach in your own way. You might be interested in pursuing your studies in this lifetime, becoming a specialist in some field. Know that this is your dragon guiding you forward. You are meant to become an expert in what it is you do and possibly even a leading authority. But you need to gain control over your mind. Though brilliant, it can sometimes get the best of you, running a mile a minute. Remembering why you started your studies or your profession in the first place will help anchor this excessive mental energy. Make sure you give yourself time to connect with your body and nature. The world of ideas is fun and enchanting, but it can easily sweep you away and drive you mad.

You need to come back into the present moment once in a while and truly experience life. Breaking up your studying or your work with high adrenaline activities could be something supportive for you. And remember, though you carry the gene of genius, you are more than just your mind. Don’t think your sole value and worth rests in your head. If ever you feel that it does, turn to your axis opposite, Sagittarius for wisdom. You were once a wise old woman or man. That wisdom is still available to you now.

Dragon Head (north node) in Cancer or the 4th house:

Dear Cancerian Dragon, you have a beautiful life mission blossoming and unfolding for you now. In the past, your focus was your career, your life vocation and your social standing in society with having your south node in Capricorn or the 10th house. This focus on vocation was to the detriment of your personal, romantic and family life. Work was all you knew in a former life and because of this, you knew great success but felt deeply lonely and isolated. If married in a former life, you might have experienced divorce or infidelity. These past life themes might have followed you into this life where you feel uneasy in completely trusting your partner. Know that healing can happen.

In this life, your inner dragon is leading you straight into the heart of family. Family is going to be the central focus for you in this life. Maybe in a previous life, you couldn’t have a family because of your occupation or career. In this life, you will consciously choose to get married and/or have children. The actions you take will be in order to better life for your spouse and/or your children. The focus on outward success will become internal success. Some of you might find deep joy and satisfaction in becoming a parent: know that this is a big part of your destiny, to consciously have a child and to be present to raise them. There is no greater gift to be given to a child than the complete presence and love of their parent.

You dear Cancerian Dragon, will experience nourishing relationships and connections within your family dynamic that will burst your heart right open. Prepare for serious heart chakra activations throughout your life. When you think your heart can’t get any bigger, it can. Lead a life focused on family and you will reap so many rewards for that is why you have come.

Dragon Head (north node) in Leo or the 5th house:

Dear Dragon Lion, your life will go beyond anything you could have possibly imagined creating and designing for yourself. Prepare to be amazed by how your life turns out. In the past, you might have been overly focused on community and connection with friends and other broader networks. You could have been facilitating weekly meetups for certain groups or even been the leader of a tribe in a past life. Your roots run deep, and community means a lot to you. But through this role of leader and organizer of communities and groups, you might not have had the chance to truly connect with your inner passions and desires because you put community and tribe responsibilities first. This ensured their survival. But it left you longing for more individualistic desires.

This life is offering you precisely that. In this life, you are being led to break away from the tribe or community so that you may stand and shine on your own. It’s not about group, friends or family in this life but about you. This life will be activating your inherent talents and gifts, gifts that you never got to showcase in the past. In this life, you will be called upon to shine and be a beacon of light and inspiration for others. Though your work and your passions will have a ripple effect on the collective, know that they, the collective and people, are not your focus in this life. Your sole focus is you and your passions. What do you love? What do you wish you were doing more of? This placement indicates undue talent, but it must be nurtured and acknowledged to grow.

A lot of you have innate talents when it comes to the arts, such as singing, dancing, playing instruments and making art. Though deeply gifted, you will have faced many challenges in this life leading up to you embracing your passions. In the past, though you were deeply respected and admired by your peers, you might have felt like an outcast, never truly belonging or fitting in. This is Aquarian energy. Aquarian energy was never designed to be put in a box; it can’t be. The weight of responsibility in past lives would have potentially suffocated your uniqueness to your detriment.

In this life, you are here to reclaim all that you are. Though themes from past lives might have been surrounding you so far, you have the choice to end it all now. Embrace your uniqueness. Embrace your strangeness. Embrace your quirkiness for all these wonderful facets make you, you. Own the totality of who you are without shame and watch how quickly your life begins to change for the better.

Dragon Head (north node) in Virgo or the 6th house:

Dear Virgoan Dragon, life has not been easy for you. You come from a gentle, sensitive past with your south node being in Pisces or the 12th house. You dream of oneness and everyone getting along and being friends. This dream was quickly destroyed in this incarnation where you might have been backstabbed by people whom you thought were your friends. The people that hurt you could have been family members too or romantic partners. Know that this pain was not in vain. It was called in and manifested by your soul so that you could awaken your inner healer. With your dragon head being in Virgo or the 6th house, you are especially connected to Chiron, the Wounded Healer.

Chiron rules Virgo and bestows healing abilities and gifts. But he is inherently wounded. Now, I am now saying that you will always feel wounded or hurt by others dear Virgoan Dragon, but that your destiny lies on the path of the healer. You have come to remember all your past life gifts. In a past life, you might have been an oracle, a seer, and mystic or a practicing healer. You are meant to bring all that energy into this life and ground it. The only way to activate the imprint of the wounded healer is to be in fact wounded. Chiron is your biggest initiator into your power and your gifts in this life. His energy will play a major role in your life. Once you can accept that you are wounded, you can begin to heal.

With your dragon head being here, you are meant to pull from your ethereal existences and ground in their wisdom and teachings to help others heal on their journey. You are the embodiment of the healer, and this in your own way. You might choose to pursue conventional paths such as medicine, nursing or physiotherapy etc, or you might thread off the beaten path entirely, defining for yourself what it means to be a healer. Know that whenever life gets difficult, lean on supportive practices. Spirituality might be a natural calling for you. Prayer and meditation could prove useful.

Allow your Pisceans sensitivity to become your superpower, not your crutch. With a Piscean past, you might be an empath, making you extra sensitive to the world around you. Sensitivity is a gift, but it needs to be nurtured and protected. Learning to set boundaries and to speak with authority will be a grand theme for you in this life. Once you learn how to effortless do this, your gifts will radiate throughout the cosmos.

Dragon Head (north node) in libra or the 7th house:

Dear Libran Dragon, you have a beautiful and rich destiny that lies ahead of you, one steeped in love and romance. In the past, you were a designated and chosen warrior. You guarded your people to the best of your abilities. You bring this courage and this honor into this life. However, though honorable your past life might have been, it was lonely. Due to your duty, you might have remained single, unmarried without children. Though it was an honor to serve and protect, it created a sense of loneliness deep within your soul. This loneliness might have followed you into this life where you might inherently feel that you are better off alone and that no romantic relationship could ever fill this void.

Know that you choose your reality. Love will come to your door but only you can make the decision to let it in. You will be on a beautiful roller coaster ride of love in this lifetime. You will learn not only to love another, but to deeply love and cherish yourself. Though this might prove difficult in your earlier years, know that you will be victorious for that is an Arian blessing you bring with you. You were honorable enough in a previous life that the cosmos sought fit to grant you the love you so desperately crave in this life. True love is yours in this lifetime, but you need to take it, the good with the bad.

You need to become aware of your desire to shut down your heart when things get rough and to make the conscious choice to remain open. Love is the biggest theme of your life in this incarnation. It will find you. But first, you will need to remember your strength, you will need to remember just who you are. Once this remembrance is firmly anchored in, true love will come and sweep you off your feet. But not before you remember your origin. Remember that you were a warrior, that you were honorable. Bring these traits with you into your relationships.

Redefine and explore what being a warrior means to you in this life in the context of relationships. Are you fighting simply for the sake of fighting? Or are you fighting for something? Are you fighting against someone? Or are you fighting with someone by your side? Your answers to these questions will be your defining moment. Though you will always have the necessary strength to stand alone, the cosmos is asking you to allow others to stand with you. You are not meant to be alone in this life.

Dragon Head (north node) in Scorpio or the 8th house:

Dear Scorpionic Dragon, your life will be full of mystery, death and rebirth in this incarnation. In a previous life, you grew old in comfort and wealth, never truly exploring the mysteries of life. You might have been a nobleman or woman, and you lived well, never knowing famine or suffering. Your soul chose to have a completely different experience this time around. You might have had near death experiences early on and this is because your soul yearns to know what lies behind the veil between this world and the afterlife. You might be interested in all things paranormal, and you might seek to develop your psychic senses and abilities in this lifetime. Anything having to do with death, the occult and hidden mysteries might be appealing to you in this life. You might even feel an indescribable attraction to it all.

Careers that call to you might be investigative or detective work, forensics, criminology, law, paranormal occurrences, mediumship etc. In the 2nd house (ruled by Taurus), we experience accumulating, accumulating wealth, possessions, things and material objects. In the 8th house (ruled by Scorpio), we seek to let it all go. We seek to let it all go so that we may experience the supernatural, the intangible. For many, your life will be a veiled mystery even to you. You yourself might not quite know what you are here to achieve or accomplish. Even now, there is a veil. Spirit wants to leave the quest up to you to uncover what you are here for. It will be different for each and every one of you.

Themes you could have experienced or be experiencing include addiction, betrayal, scandal and secrecy. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to know who you are on the other side of these themes. That is what your soul is calling you to experience. Who are you on the other side of addiction? Who are you on the other side of this betrayal you have been carrying for eons? Who are you on the other side of these secrets you keep? Release it and let it all go. Prepare to unveil your soul and be amazed by exactly who you are.

Dragon Head (north node) in Sagittarius or the 9th house:

Dear Sagittarian Dragon, prepare for a life of adventure and fun. You are not here to settle by any stretch but to know yourself through the world. Forever the explorer, this life will take you to new horizons, always seeking truth and higher meaning within everything you pursue. You will have a life rich with friends, acquaintances and contacts from all walks of life. In a previous life, you might have been a scientist, a genius, a researcher, a mathematician or any other professional deeply attuned to the meticulous details of life. This attention to detail and meticulousness has followed you into this life. You have a keen sense of organization, detail and what is appealing. These are gifts from a very accomplished previous life.

Your task in this life, should you choose, is to loosen up a bit when it comes to details and make sure they don’t drive you mad, keeping you up at all hours of the night. Know when enough is enough and that the work you’ve done is more than good enough. If ever you find yourself overwhelmed by information and details, tune into something larger than yourself. You are here to give birth and give way to a vision, not a series of details and bits of information. When you think about your life, what do you imagine? Where are you living? What kind of people are you seeing day by day? Start there. Let your Sagittarian dragon run free. Don’t try and cage yourself. Being overly cagey with your energy will lead to burnout and mental exhaustion.

Remember to exercise and move your body when you feel overwhelmed or restless. Allow yourself time and space to travel, preferably alone, so that you may connect and receive downloads from the cosmos meant just for you. As the archer dragon in this life, your quest is to seek higher meaning and truth, and this, no matter the cost. This is what your soul yearns for. In a previous life, you were overly practical and tied down. In this life, you are meant to be free and to be completely blown in the wind as would an untethered kite.

Don’t limit yourself. Limitations run the risk of triggering depression and melancholy. If this is you, running or going for a walk in nature will help release this sticky energy. A core theme for you in this life is limitlessness. You are here to experience and test the bounds of what it is you can do. Leave the office work behind once in a world and go experience life.

Dragon Head (north node) in Capricorn or the 10th house:

Dear Capricornian Dragon, my, my you are geared for ambition. But this ambition is slowed and hurdled by excessive family weight, drama and responsibility. This is largely due to your past life being in Cancer or the 4th house. In a previous life, family came first at all costs, and the cost was often your own independence and ambition. In this life, you came to realize your full potential. You came here to achieve. But this path will be hard and difficult. Capricorn energy does not choose the easy path but the hard one. In your earlier life, you might feel weighted down by family obligations and responsibilities. This is your Cancerian former life playing out.

Know that your task in this life is to break free from family ties and responsibilities. You are meant to grow, learn and evolve standing on your own 2 feet. Though this might take some time since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of restriction and time, you will get there. The goat inside you will see to it. In the past, family and serving thy family was your greatest honor. You might have been a loving mother and a devoted wife. You might have been a dutiful father and supportive husband. Know that these traits of love, support and devotion have followed you into this life. You might find that it is easy for you to give up your goals and ambitions to follow another or for the sake of “family”. Know that if this is you, you are going the wrong way.

You are meant to break free from family to experience true emancipation, freedom, and yes, success. You have come to showcase your talents and to reach your goals with power, determination and might. You inherently understand the value of family, and this will stay with you, but it will no longer be your crutch. You will move out of the family home, find new horizons and just the place to call home. You will call forth the necessary people that will help you to land your vision. You are that powerful Capricornian Dragon.

You are the embodiment of fire energy made physical. With your mastery over water and earth, it is only natural that in this life, you seek to manipulate and wield fire. With this fire, you might have attracted intense family drama and chaos, but only to learn self-mastery throughout it all. As you step into soul mastery and begin to own the fact that you are the captain of your own ship, life will dramatically change for you. Dare to venture on your own. Be brave. Try different things. If you need support, call upon dragon energy to give you a boost. You don’t have to break family ties alone. Your independence is rightfully yours. Go ahead and claim it now.

Dragon Head (north node) in Aquarius or the 11th house:

Dear Aquarian Dragon, where to even begin. You are going to lead a life like no other. You are here to be the truest expression of your soul, and no one will get in your way. Your past life will see to it. With your north node being here, your south node is in Leo or the 5th house. This means that you have strong lion and fire energy backing you as you step into your own soul expression and uniqueness in this life. You might have been challenged earlier on, especially as a child. You might have wanted to express yourself in a certain way but had overly restrictive parents that said no. You might have had “friends” mock and laugh at you when you wore what truly made your heart sing. This hurt caused by others might have diminished your light.

You might have conformed to what your parents wanted you to wear for some time. This conformity might have spread and taken over your life to the point of dictating what you should do as a career. This conformity, this being put into a box, suffocated you and almost put out your inner fire. At times, you might have felt that it did put out your inner fire, but your dragon never would have let that happen. Though things might have seemed dark growing up, a glimmer remained inside you. A glimmer of knowingness that one day you would be exactly who you know yourself to be. You would dress how you want, and you would pursue the kind of lifestyle that sets your soul on fire. Far deep down, you know exactly who you are. You just needed the courage to own it.

With Leo energy backing you, there is nothing you can’t do. Fire was always within you and now it’s a matter of being a vessel of expression for it. Embrace your uniqueness, releasing anyone limiting you from being you. Connect with your heart. If all naysayers were released and out of the picture, how would you be dressing? What would you be doing with your life? Don’t limit yourself no matter how strange or out there the answers might be. Open yourself up to being a divine vessel for your soul. Out of all the signs, you have the keenest ability to anchor your soul’s truth into this realm. Deep down, you know why you are here and why you have come. Go be and do that. That is your sacred mission.

Dragon Head (north node) in Pisces or the 12th house:

Dear Piscean Dragon, you are here to have an ethereal experience and to be intimately connected to the divine. The earthly plane will only appeal to you for so long. Sooner than later, your soul will be beckoning you elsewhere. This is the ethereal realm, calling your soul forward. In a past life, you might have been a herbologist, a herb healer, a conventional healer, or a teacher. These areas will be deeply familiar to you. You might even have a knack for medicine. But these areas of familiarity will not bring you comfort nor soul satisfaction because you are meant to transcend your attachments to the earthly realm. Though comfortable in the physical, earthly realm, in part due to Virgo energy being here (Virgo is an earth sign), you will be encouraged to move into the beyond.

A lot of you have dormant abilities you have yet to unlock and tap into. Your Piscean dragon is leading you on a journey deep, deep into your soul, deep, deep into oneness and collective consciousness and unity. A big part of your life journey will be to experience the divine. You might have had near death experiences as a child or young person. This was to initiate you to the spirit side of life. You are meant to be a bridge between this world and the next, be it the afterlife or other dimensions and galaxies. You have a keen ability that allows you to energetically tap in a receive extrasensory information from people, places and objects.

Spirituality or religion will play a big role in your life. It will in fact become your anchor to the earthly realm and how you connect with others. This life journey will see you step into being a seer, a mystic, an oracle, a prophetess or spirit healer. The name you give yourself truly doesn’t matter for your gifts and abilities arise out of your soul. One touch from you opens up the gateway to healing for others. Understand and know the importance of your touch. Do not lay your hands on just anybody. You carry ethereal medicine within your palms. Should someone seek healing from you and your soul deem them worthy, the change will be almost instant. That is how powerful you are at wielding psychic energies. With this power comes great responsibility.

With Virgo energy being within your south node, there is a possibility of being burnt out and of taking on too much. Make sure you allow yourself adequate rest to recharge and to fill your own cup. Your life will be a sacred dance between serving yourself and serving the divine. Know when to call back your energy. Know when you need alone time. Being able to balance both your inner calling and your outer calling to serve others will be your greatest gift.

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