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Momentum of the First Full Moon~Leo & Aquarian Energy

The mood of this full moon is already very present within the collective’s energy. There is a mixture of anxiety, excitement and big sigh of relief taking place. As we prepare for this full moon happening tomorrow, we are reminded of just how far we have come and how much we have transformed.

A lot of the energy that will be coming up around this full moon is residual. We have done the inner work, the releasing and the healing. Remnants of past conditioning, trauma, ways of being are coming up to be cleared.

We have Pluto empowering us to gently destroy and release these energies. They have served their purpose and now we must let them go.

This can look like experiencing past behavior or old thought patterns resurfacing. You might wonder “Haven’t I healed this already?”. For a lot of us, the answer is a resounding yes. You have. This is just left over energy that is seeking to be transmuted one last time.

You might be feeling a lot of this energy in your hands and feet taking the shape of odd aches, pains and tingles. You might experience body tingles, headaches, goosebumps and skin eruptions and breakouts. Understand that this is the last cycle for this energy before it is ultimately purged. The closer something is to the surface (i.e. skin) or the extremities (hands, feet, head), the closer we are to being done with that pattern or cycle.

A lot of over thinking, second guessing yourself and being in your head is also floating about the collective. This is just Aquarian and Uranian energy preparing us to be hit with a lightning bolt in the near future. Our mental body might be feeling frazzled as our physical vessel gets ready to go through major energetic upgrades. This physical and mental discomfort is an initiation from Uranian energy. Know that should you at any point in time in the future experience similar feelings and sensations as you are now, this is your physical/mental body preparing you for an energetic upgrade.

The best thing to do as our mental and physical bodies prepare for these upgrades is to drop into our heart centers. Our heart is our power center. This is where our true self dwells. We can tap into the frequency of peace and inner harmony from this space. If your thoughts are racing in a million and one different directions, simply placing your hands on your heart will allow you to calm and ease your mind, shifting your gaze inwards towards what truly matters.

Allow the moon to illuminate what this is for you. Allow your truest expression to shine through, knowing that you came here to be you. Leo rules the 5th house of romance, children, passions, creativity, sensuality, and self-expression. This energy, on the backdrop of Aquarian/Uranian energy, is going to propel us towards reclaiming our own spotlight.

Aquarian energy thrives on being odd, unique and a little strange. Anything that is out there or different, Aquarius loves and is all about. As a collective, we are being encouraged to step into this energy. Wherever Aquarius sits in your chart is the area being illuminated under this full moon along with where Leo sits. Tune into this axis, tune into the medicine provided by these two specific houses.

  • Where are you still holding back your expression and “oddness” in your house of Aquarius?

  • Where are you still hiding your light in your house of Leo?

  • Where are you not allowing your magnificence to radiate outwards?

  • Where are you still feeling insecure and unsure of yourself?

  • Where do you need to be more of a rebel and revolutionary?

  • How can you use your voice and change reality for the better?

These are just some of the questions we can ask ourselves around this full moon in Leo.

I for one took the time today to really nurture my body. I took a bath with sea salt and rose tea. I took my time, bathing and washing my body with full attention and consciousness, simply noticing every part. Taking this time and slowing things down brought my consciousness back into the present moment. It brought me back into my sense of self. Nurturing and pampering my skin and my body have been exactly what I've been needing. Sea salt and rose tea have also been lovely supportive essences.

How can you best support yourself right now? What feels in true alignment with your heart? With your soul? Go and do that now! Xoxo

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