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Message for Energy Transmuters

This is a message for my energy transmuters.

Being an energy transmuter is not an easy task. When choosing to be an energy transmuter, you made the commitment to being a vessel for denser energy to move through. This means that denser, lower vibrations will naturally gravitate and be attracted to your energy field.

As we shift timelines, leaving Pluto in Capricorn behind, there is a lot of energetic purging happening. A lot of energy is being released and a lot of karmic debt is being cleared out.

But here's the thing, this dense energy needs to move through an energy transmuter to be alchemized into a higher frequency. Energy transmuters are also energy alchemists by nature. They take in and absorb denser energies to then alchemize them into higher frequencies.

Energy transmuters are part of the guardians of Mother Gaia. Mother Gaia is shifting into a higher timeline and needs assistance in clearing world karma and density. That’s where energy transmuters come in. Energy transmuters chose and elected to offer their vessels to be used for energy transmutation to assist Mother Gaia’s ascension path.

With the planetary shift that happened a few days ago, a lot of energy transmuters are going to be shifting and moving through a ray of odd energy. If you are an energy transmuter, you might be feeling a little off, unable to put your finger on it. You might experience heightened emotions and sensitivity. You might feel easily triggered and experience being unmotivated to do anything at all. Experiencing anxiety, odd aches and pains, stress, general uneasiness or as though time has run out is also likely.

The best way to move through this energy is to allow these sensations to move through you like water. Don’t get overly attached to what you are feeling because chances are, what you are experiencing isn’t yours, but what the collective unconscious is clearing out. Simply observe, remain in your heart and at peace as the dense energies are alchemized into light through you.

With the first full moon of the year happening this Thursday in Leo, we can anticipate big blocks of darkness and density dissolving to make way for more light to flood the earth. This full moon might feel like a dam that is finally bursting, giving way to a deep sigh of relief. We can anticipate fears, insecurities and doubts being illuminated.

Wherever Leo sits in your birth chart is a good area to tap into. Whatever is coming up for you will be an indication of the energy you are being called to resolve and ultimately release at this time.

The release you do under this full moon will be felt during Leo season. So I encourage you to get down into your depths and explore what is coming up for you without shame or judgement. Simply notice. Take some time to mediate and to journal. Reach out to people you trust if you need someone to talk to too.

And if you are seeking to emerge in confidence and inner power, please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to know how I can best empower you to step into your light and radiate like the brightest sun.🔆

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