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Let's talk about shame

Shame is the silent and invisible prison that keeps us stuck. It keeps us small, and it forces us to hold ourselves back.

It forces us to hide who we really are, for that is shame’s power: to keep us hidden.

For the longest time, shame has been that splinter in my back. That invisible pain that keeps me small and holds me back from truly reclaiming and owning who I am.

Shame has been my companion for so long that it is hard to imagine my life without it. It has kept my mouth shut in moments where I could have owned my light and my truth. It has kept me small in moments where I could have graciously received blessings and compliments. It has held me back in moments where I could have seized opportunities and made a change.

All this because I feel shame.

I have felt shame in being who I am. I have felt shame in owning and fully stepping into my light. I have felt shame in being powerful and being cosmic.

This has done a great disservice, not only to me and to Spirit, but to the world. I have watered down my fire and my truth time and time again out of shame. Out of fear of being judged and misunderstood.

The shackles of shame have been tight around me for so long that it’s hard to imagine life without them. But I have to.

Moment by moment, day by day, I am working on reclaiming more and more of who I am. Moment to moment, day by day I am working on standing in my fiery unfiltered truth.

Because whether shame consumes me or not, it has never changed who I know myself to be. It might have distorted how I carry or present myself, but it has never distorted who I know myself to be.

Now it’s up to me to ensure that who I am inside starts to be portrayed and expanded outward. I need to come out of the spiritual closet even more and reclaim more of who I know myself to be.

And this starts with me owning the fact that I am a Diviner first and foremost. I am a Seer first and foremost. I am a Witch first and foremost.

These are all words that describe various essences I hold within me. The word used doesn’t matter as much as the essence it symbolizes. And for me, the essence it symbolizes is a strong devotional path to the Divine and to Spirit.

My servitude and greatest joy lie in serving the Divine. My servitude and greatest joy lie in serving the Great Spirit.

My servitude and joy I have kept hidden out of shame. My servitude and joy I have kept hidden out of fear of judgment and of not feeling worthy enough.

But both shame and fear of judgment have never stopped me from knowing who I am.

I am a Seer, I am a Diviner. I interpret omens and signs from the divine and spiritual realms. I am highly connected and sensitive to the other side.

This connection and sensitivity I have also hid out of shame and fear. I have been fearful in owning the fact that my crown chakra has always been my strongest energy center. I am deeply and intimately connected to the cosmos, other dimensions and galaxies. I can see them, sense, and feel them.

But I’ve been shameful in owning this. Why?

Because we’ve been conditioned to believe that we must ground ourselves in order to access the divine. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we must start with our root chakra and make our way up. This is true for a lot of people (and if this resonates with you, honor your beliefs and practices), but for me, this has been severely damaging. It has been a source of shame.

It has been a source of shame because I felt shame around my upper chakras being stronger than my lower chakras, naturally without much effort on my part. This natural opening in the upper chakras is due to my galactic origins as well as having had many lifetimes occupying a spiritual role.

And I have done my best to deny this part of myself because I need to “focus” on my root chakra and “grounding myself”.

But the truth is, or should I say my truth is that I will never experience being grounded like most people. I am not meant to. Trying to force myself to be like most people has caused me so much shame, damage and hurt.

I am done being shameful for my strengths and my gifts.

My truth is that my crown is my strongest chakra. I am connected to the divine and to spirit in more ways than one. I am also not from here. I come from the stars where I have spent numerous lifetimes in higher planes and dimensions.

Last but not least, I have also been a dragon (hence me being the dragon goddess).

Dragons cannot be grounded. They are meant to fly. To ground a dragon is to give it a death sentence. It is meant to soar.

With that being said, I am meant to soar and fly. I garner my wisdom in the upper realms and bring it back down and anchor it into the world.

Now anchor is a word I love. Dragons anchor themselves back down in safe and sacred places. These places are known as their lair which is often a cave (my safe place is a cave by the way!). This brings me comfort. This brings me peace for it is my truth.

My truth is unconventional, my truth is weird, my truth is unique and different. Shame has forced me into silence for too long. I am breaking this silence by speaking and sharing my truth in the hopes that it supports you in speaking yours.

You are divine. You are magic. Let’s release the shackles of shame together. Speak UP.

You are worthy of your truth and you are worthy of being SEEN in your truth no matter what others might say or think.

Own your truth for it yours and it is beautiful.

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