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Leap Day~ Intuitive Messages

Hello beautiful souls,

Today we have the wonderful and mystical Leap Day that only happens once every 4 years! This is a fantastic opportunity to truly visualize what it is you want. Visualize yourself taking a huge leap forward onto the timeline that sets your soul on fire.

The energy of the leap day will be around us for a couple of hours afterwards. Feel free to set intentions, clear and clean your space so that new energy may make its way to you.

We are closing out an energetic cycle and are amidst a new one beginning on March 1st. Anything you want to release, now is the time to do so. I personally cleaned up my space, took out the garbage and recycling to invite this new energy in with completely open arms. I am excited for this new cycle and for what lies ahead.

With that being said, these intuitive messages are perfectly timed with today's energy. If you are more of a visual person, the piles along with their corresponding crystals are available on my Instagram at iamthedragongoddess.

If you want to intuitively choose your message based on crystal names alone, we have 3 for you to choose from. Pile one is represented by a Peruvian Amazonite. Pile 2 is a Red Aventurine and Pile 3 is a Que Sera stone. Take a moment to tune into your heart. Breathe in and breathe out, gently releasing any stress, worries or concerns. Nothing matters but this moment.

Without second guessing your choice, which crystal speaks to you the most? When you have your choice in hand, scroll down to receive your message.

Intuitive Messages:

Pile 1 (Peruvian Amazonite):

On this leap day, more light will be coming in for you. More peace and fun times will also be rolling in. Your first oracle card says “No-Wait. Postpone. Pause. Say no”. Your second oracle card says “Crystal-Yellow Dragon-Opens you to higher learning and wisdom. Expand your crown chakra for illumination. Walk the higher spiritual path”. This isn’t a period of intense action for you. Not yet. If things are starting to heat up now and you are feeling anxious and ready to get going, wait.

Now is a time to turn inwards and to connect with the higher realms. Pisces season is bringing in special downloads and activations for you at this time. But you must be still and quiet in order to receive them. Though things might seem to be taking off all around you, patience is advised. You are being initiated onto a higher timeline, but this initiation is taking place on the energetic and spiritual level first. Feel and hear the whispers of spirit. Take some time to slow down, rest and recharge. The action and momentum you seek will come soon enough. For now, rest and be still.

Allow the crystal yellow dragon to breathe in richer, wealthy wisdom in through your crown chakra. Allow the soft and gentle energy of the Peruvian amazonite along with the crystal yellow dragon to revitalize both your throat chakra and your solar plexus. Let these mystical initiations take place in solitude and isolation. You will be rejoining the world soon.


Pile 2 (Red Aventurine):

On this leap day, more love will be coming in for you. More peace will also be coming, peace when it comes to your heart chakra. Your first oracle card says “Akasha-Your guidance is divinely guided”. Your second oracle card says “White-gold Dragon from Lyra-Connects you to the highest Christ Light. Develop your causal chakra. Bathe in ninth-dimensional Christ Light”. If you have been doubting your path, these cards are coming through to confirm that you are right on schedule. You might have had to take unforeseen detours and certain plans of yours might have been delayed against your wishes. Know that this was the divine’s will. And though these delays might have caused some frustration, they were orchestrated to keep you on your chosen path.

Whether you are aware of this or not, you are one of the divine’s favorites and because of this, the divine plays an active role in your life. The divine is coming through to reassure you at this time. You have not gone the wrong way. Whatever you intuitively perceive to be happening around you is right on point. Release second guessing your intuitive hits. Your intuitive hits are pure divine guidance at its finest. There is nothing to fear. The white-gold dragon from Lyra is coming through to pour Christ Light into your causal chakra. Your causal chakra, which sits a few inches above your crown chakra, is connected to the Moon and thus your emotions. It is your gateway to divine feminine energy. If things have been emotionally turbulent for you, be at peace now.

The white-gold dragon from Lyra will be pouring in Christ Light, washing away any emotional densities you might still be hanging onto. You might experience this cleansing through emotional purging such as crying, tears and deep sighs. Allow your tears to flow. Breathe. You are being purified at an energetic and spiritual level by the dragon kingdom. Let this purification take place and wash away all the wounds that still hurt you. You will emerge renewed, calm and self-centered. Your higher self will be anchoring in.


Pile 3 (Que Sera stone):

On this leap day, more power will be coming in for you. Unexpected power and hidden blessings will also be revealed. Your first oracle card is “Trust the Niggle-What is the niggling feeling trying to tell you?” Your second oracle card is “Water Dragon-Helps you flow easily round obstacles. Christ Light and love are flowing. Develop your psychic abilities. Go with the flow”. Your intuition and psychic abilities are getting a massive boost, today and for the remainder of the year. If you think your intuition is strong now, just wait. Your third eye is going to be so clear; you will be able to predict things before they even happen. This is a divine gift being bestowed upon you at this time.

Spirit says that you have been diligent, committing to your spiritual practices with heart and devotion. This is your reward for putting your spiritual self first. If you haven’t been keeping up with your spiritual practices, this is a reminder that your practices nourish your soul. When you nourish your soul, your soul gifts naturally blossom. Prepare for a huge glow up in terms of power when it comes to the spring season. Once we enter a more grounded earthy season, such as Taurus, you will notice just how much you have changed. Taking the time to celebrate just how far you have come will be of great benefit to you.

Spirit is coming through to say that you are on fire in the best of ways. With the water dragon coming through as your guide, you will be able to effortless flow around any and all obstacles. You simply say the word and a new pathway will open. Allow your psychic abilities to guide and lead you. The world is ready for you.

If you are seeking more personalized support and insight, feel free to book an oracle card reading with me! I would love to support you on your journey and illuminate your next steps.

To your empowerment, always.


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