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I am in my dark feminine era and I love it here.

It is my belief that all women have a dark feminine energy that dwells in the deepest parts of their subconscious. It is this pure, raw energy that is destructive, powerful, fierce, alluring and seductive.

Reclaiming this wild, fierce feminine requires deep introspection.

It requires looking at all the times we limited or restricted our energy because we wanted to be “nice” or to keep the “peace”, all the while initiating a war within ourselves.

It requires feeling all the emotions we stifled in order to remain approachable, sweet and innocent, all the while our inner dark queen cried and raged.

It is expanding ourselves, our hearts and our wombs out enough so that we may hold our own hearts and our own deepest desires first

because when we master the ability to hold ourselves, to cherish and embrace the good, the bad and the ugly, we start to fiercely step into our divine feminine. For the divine feminine is not all light and rainbows; she is also the darkness, the depth and the mystery that lie long forgotten in our subconscious waiting to be rediscovered.

The dark feminine awakens a different part of us, a more primal part when we are ready to level up, mature, take responsibility for who we are and OWN ALL OF US, wholly and completely.

When we embrace being the dark feminine, we have access to our entire being, no longer afraid, ashamed or filled with guilt for having shadows and a dark side. We OWN THE TOTALITY OF OUR BEINGNESS.

The dark feminine is the wise ancient teacher that leads us through our inner darkness so that we may reclaim these lost parts of ourselves with responsibility, raw power and divine sovereignty.

All the parts that society deems ugly, disturbing, inappropriate or embarrassing, she sees and urges us to reclaim so that we may stand in our divine power for it is our birth right to do so.

You deserve to be empowered, wholly and completely. And that empowerment starts with you reclaiming ALL OF YOU.

It is time for you to own and stand in your raw power. Let your inner dark feminine show you the way.

(Post from my IG @iamthedragongoddess)

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