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Guiding Archetypes for Taurus Season~ The Creator and Dead Ends

Hello beautiful souls,

We entered into Taurus season a couple days of ago. It’s of course time to shift into our guiding archetypes for this season. For Taurus season, we have The Creator and The Dead End coming through (pictures available on my Insta!).

This conveys a mix of energies. On the one hand, we are being encouraged to let our inner creator shine and take the spotlight. On the other hand, we might be called to pivot, adapt and let things ultimately reach their end.

With these energies in mind, I wanted to draw cards for the zodiac signs per astrological axis. The 6 axes are Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius, Virgo-Pisces.

I chose to do the reading this for this season in this way because that’s what intuitively wanted to come through. I also needed a bit of a break! Pictures of the cards are available on my Insta!

Without further ado, let’s get into it!


Taurus season is bringing in “The Revolutionary” in reverse. This indicates that this energy has yet to be fully embraced and stepped into. Aries, the revolutionary asks you to get creative. Let your inner child come out and call the shots for a little while. Libra, the revolutionary is asking you to begin anew. What old habit have you been holding onto that has reached a dead end? Aries, you are being called to plant new and exciting seeds while Libra, you are being asked to tend to your garden in a whole different way. Can you see the flowers? Or are they overtaken by weeds? The weeds symbolize your thinking habits that are no longer serving you. You are being asked to release them at this time. Both Aries and Libra will be receiving a huge energetic upgrade during this season. Aries, Taurus will help you ground your creativity, it will help you manifest your dreams, ideals and visions into reality. Libra, Taurus will help you find balance and beauty again in the simplest of things. Take part in simple pleasures and indulge in harmony. Aries, Libra, allow the fire of the revolutionary to burn away all that no longer serves.


Taurus season brings in “Ask Body”. This card is perfect for today with the full moon in Scorpio (I just wrote an article about it you might want to check out!). Asking body is the theme and the main energy for Taurus. Taurus being an earth sign easily grounds itself into the present moment. The main message coming through is to savor and indulge your senses. Move your body, reconnect with pleasure, ecstasy and joy. For Scorpio, you are being asked to reconnect with your psychic senses and abilities on a deeper, more profound level. Psychic activations and downloads are imminent as the moon transits your sign. Take some time to rest and reflect as you receive these upgrades. Your physical body might be feeling off and it’s because you are ready for this energetic shift. Taurus, take time to feel your body, your skin…. Really get intimate with yourself. Scorpio, same thing. Feel the psychic energy move through you. Taurus, you have just as much access to psychic energy as does your counterpart. Revel in it. Both of you. Indulge and enjoy your similarities, appreciate your differences. You are two sides of the same coin. Your link is your body and third eye chakra. Tap into both and see what activations await you.


Taurus season brings in “The Universe”. Could this be the long-awaited blessings and breakthroughs you have been waiting for? The answer is a resounding yes. Sagittarius, you have been patiently waiting for the tide to turn in your favor. It will begin to turn during this season. Your creativity will be relit, and you will find yourself falling in love with life again. Finally! This has been a long time coming for you. Enjoy and celebrate. You’ve earned it. Gemini, something that has been bothering you for some time is coming to an end. The universe is turning the wheel of fortune for you this season so that mysterious miracles may come your way. Issues you thought would never get resolved will magically disappear into thin air. You will be left wondering what it is you were even worried about. Sagittarius, Gemini, the universe is reminding you that you wield destiny. If you don’t like what you are currently seeing in your reality, change it. Fate is going to be playing a huge part in your life over the next coming weeks. Expect the unexpected. Serendipitous events, encounters are likely. Dreams you almost forgot about will be coming to the fore front. Celebrate, celebrate and celebrate! You have been through much and it is now time for you to rejoice.


Taurus ushers in the message of “Ancestors” for you Cancer and Capricorn. How fitting given that Cancer rules the 4th house of family and Capricorn the 10th house of legacy. Your ancestors are coming through to bestow blessings upon the both of you. Your past on loved ones have heard your cries and have seen your pain. Cancer, your ancestors are coming through to say that you will receive and create the family of your dreams. But first, you must release your old way of thinking. We have all been conditioned to think family means a father, a mother and children but in this day and age, that might not be the case. Where are you holding onto outdated forms of thinking when it comes to family? How do these thought patterns keep your limited and stuck? Your ancestors are asking you to release tradition to accept a more modern outlook when it comes to family. Rest assured the family you want, wants you too. It’s out there, you just need to open yourself up to the unconventional. Capricorn, my my have you ever been working hard. Your ancestors feel the pain still lingering in your bones, some of it from them. They are coming through to alleviate this pain. The form this will take might take you by surprise and be different than what you were seeking or anticipating. Release judgement and receive with a grateful and open heart. The blessings that are coming your way are exactly what you need at this time though it might not seem that way at first glance. Shift your mindset and your perspective and your reality will look a whole lot different.


Taurus season is bringing new possibilities when it comes to exploring with “The Explorer” coming out. Leo, what new sunrise are you being called to go see? Maybe traveling to faraway lands is closer than you think. Big changes in terms of location are forecasted. Could you be moving to a new house?  Wherever this location is, it will be where your heart is. Your inner compass is spinning and spinning. Things are changing rapidly this season, and you might feel as though you can’t catch your breath. Though things might seem challenging this season, it’s for the ultimate best. You will be smiling and laughing, the universe assures it. Aquarius, get out of your head and out into the world. Start exploring unconventional hobbies and interests. Put yourself out there and let your weirdness really shine. How can you allow more of your true self to radiate and be seen? What parts of yourself long to be witnessed, shared and experienced with others?  Allow your inner compass to guide you to the parts of you that still feel too weird to be seen, loved or appreciated. Scorpio is coming through to say it’s alright to be strange, unconventional and to like things that seem taboo. Express yourself and don’t hold back. Get together with friends that encourage you to be you. Have fun and make the most of this season. Remember that you are unique and indeed a spectacular joy to be around.


Dearest Virgo and Pisces, your taurean skymate is inviting you to “Reclaim”. What part of you have you lost over the years? What aspects of your inner beauty have been eroded through time? Taurus season is here to remind you that you naturally attract others when you revel in your own beauty and attractiveness. Celebrating and acknowledging your own beauty is not superficial or vain but part of who you are. Pisces, celebrate your mystical, spiritual beauty. Virgo, celebrate your wise healing beauty. Both Piscean and Virgoan beauty are necessary for the world to heal and harmonize. You both bring a wonderful perspective to the table and more people need to see the world through your eyes. With the spirit of the panther coming through, there is a part of your power that has yet to be experienced and be fully embodied. Part of this power has to do with beauty and your aesthetics. Maybe you have great makeup skills that could be of service to others or maybe you have a knack for interior design. Whatever this eye for beauty is, panther is asking that you reclaim it and own it in its totally. A new business venture might just be coming your way. One that is in perfect alignment with your vision of beauty. Open yourself up, go with the flow and receive. Be open to accepting opportunities that are different than what you are used to. Magic happens on the other side of comfort, where growth and mystery often lie.

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