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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus- Releasing Stubbornness Around Fate

Taurus, symbolized by the bull, represents stability, endurance, hard work and patience. The shadow side of this sign is that they can be overly fixed (pun intended), stubborn and reluctant to change. With this energy currently bustling through the collective, I sense that a lot of people are still overworking themselves, physically more than anything.

Taurus is an earth sign which means they rule over the physical realm along with their earthly counterparts, Capricorn and Virgo. Taurus also rule the throat which means we may be called to revisit how we express ourselves.

Eclipses tend to bring volatile, unpredictable, chaotic energy.

So, what happens when we get chaos intertwined with a need for stability and hard work? Possible burnout, confusion and feeling a lack of direction.

To make up for this, we might be inclined to push ourselves even harder, thinking that we can just physically exert ourselves through these energies to return to a sense of stability and inner peace. But that is not the case.

Eclipses come to show us what is not working in our lives. They force us to take a good hard look at ourselves and to deal with the stuff that we have been suppressing, avoiding or running from.

When eclipse energy is in the sign of the bull, there could be a tendency to remain overly fixed and stubborn. There could be a stronger reluctance to change given the general chaos and uncertainty of an eclipse. But we need to bring in the healing wisdom provided by its axis opposite, Scorpio.

The Sun is currently in Scorpio, highlighting things that usually remain hidden, veiled and out of sight. With Scorpio’s penetrative gaze and sensitivity to the intangible, we have the power we need to truly tap into ourselves energetically and really get into soul alignment.

Now the eclipse energy adds an extra twist: fate will intervene to set you on the right course. But if you are fighting and avoiding this course correction, more of your shadows will be stirred and triggered.

Because here is the thing. We all have latent, subconscious thoughts that tend to be more on the darker side of things. Taurus, through its stubbornness, might want to avoid these thoughts and distract itself with extra work, especially physical work (i.e., think overdoing it at the gym). Its counterpart, Scorpio however, is completely at peace in the darkness when in its empowered state. Scorpios are ruled by the Death card in the Tarot and are the ruler of the 8th house which oversees death and rebirth, transformation, sex, inheritance and the occult. Needless to say, if we ever needed a guide to take us through the darkness to master our shadows, Scorpio is it.

We need to release our fear around the unknown and around what we may have yet to uncover about ourselves. We can’t hide away and be stubborn about habits, structures, values and belief systems that are no longer serving us.

Scorpio, as a master of death and rebirth, is here to remind us that it is ok to let things go. It is ok to release everything and to start again. We don’t need to drive ourselves into the ground to make it. We can take a more intuitive approach and cover more ground.

Because the thing is, the astrological axes are here to teach us about inner balance. One way over the other isn’t always the best approach. We need to integrate both sides so that we may reach inner harmony.

So as the Scorpio/Taurus axis is currently activated, we need to strive for balance between being productive and accomplishing things aaaand letting things go, being at rest and exploring our shadow side. We can’t plough through everything and sometimes we need the less tangible touch of intuition to guide us on our next steps.

Don’t be afraid to release what is no longer serving you. Revisit your values and how you relate to the physical realm in terms of your work ethic, your assets, your wealth and your material possessions. You might find that you’ve been trailing things that have been weighing you down and are now ready to be released.

Trust and have faith. Let the eclipse energy guide your way...

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