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Full Moon in Virgo~ Destroyer & Inner Healer Alchemy

Hello beautiful souls,

Today we are blessed with the final full moon of the astrological calendar.

We entered Pisces season a few days ago and we have a wondrous full moon in Virgo today, illuminating our path ahead.

Pisces season brings a much needed mystical, dreamy and intuitive energy into the collective. Though enchanting, these energies can also take us upon soul journeys that lead to uncomfortable places.

Pisces, ruled by Neptune, can symbolize illusion and mental health but can also show us our grandest dream. A dream that we dare not speak aloud for fear of it disappearing into thin air. And so we keep this dream locked away in the safety of our hearts, away from the world that might otherwise be all to keen on destroying it. For the world is deeply wounded and in need of healing.

But when we keep our dream to ourselves, we rob ourselves of the very opportunity to make it manifest. We rob ourselves of the opportunity to connect with other beings that might indeed be a part of turning our dream into a reality.

With The Destroyer as our guiding archetype for this season, we are being invited to examine our limiting beliefs around success and our innate potential to be successful.

Both the disempowering traits of Pisces and Virgo can serve to keep us small, trapped in the shadows, forever working on ourselves and never feeling good enough. One of the shadow aspects of Virgo is forever the perfectionist, failing to notice that we are already perfect at a soul level.

Armed with the destroyer archetype, literally destroying our limiting beliefs and obstacles, we are free to step into our power, our potential and our light. When we successfully move through our shadows and release the need to be perfect, we can come home. Home to our true spirit where our potentiality is found.

Armed with our potentiality, there is nothing we can’t do. The world is our playground. We can create and conceive anything we truly wish and desire. But first, we must let go, we must release.

This is where the destroyer can lend a helping hand. With the destroyer clearing the path ahead and removing obstacles on our path, we can make way for more healing to take place. That is where Virgo energy enters the scene to cleanse our wounds and offer medicine. For Virgo is ruled by Chiron, the wounded healer.

Within each and every one of us is found a wounded healer, a wounded child. Through these wounds, we can cultivate wisdom, but only when we have mastered moving through the pain.

The Destroyer and Chiron are the perfect guides to initiate us into clearing out old pains and hurts so that we may step into more of our spiritual power. Through the alchemy of these energies, we attain mastery and step out into the world as the true weaver of our fate and destiny.

Our inner healer is calling us in and our inner destroyer is initiating us forward. Our power is waiting for us just a few steps ahead.

Dare to take the next step. Dare to take the plunge into what is holding you back and be brave enough to call forth your inner destroyer to destroy all that stands in your way. Release what no longer serves. Once you have release and shed, your healing abilities will naturally unlock and flow effortlessly. You will step into your power and emerge as your soulful self.

Below are messages for the signs from The Destroyer and Chiron, ruler of Virgo. Pictures of the cards are available on my Instagram @iamthedragongoddess.

As always, take what resonates and leave the rest behind. You are more powerful and mystical than you think.


Destroyer Message: 48-Sky Dancers ~ Surrender.

When was the last time you released the need to fight dear Aries? Though you are the universe’s favorite warrior, not everything needs to be a war, or seen as “us versus them”. Your destroyer is coming through to encourage you to release duality to embrace inner unity. Instead of focusing on the bad or good in people, focus on simply seeing them as people doing the best they can with the cards they have been dealt. Though duality is an important spiritual lesson, it can sometimes lead us astray, causing us to always see the world through a divided lens. This division or duality can teach us much about polarity: negative and positive, feminine and masculine, hot and cold. This dance of both needs to be destroyed in order to embrace the dance of the sky dancers.

The sky dancer does not dance on one foot or the other but both seamlessly. You are being initiated at this time to view yourself as not one or the other, but both and to take the concept of “both”, still meaning two, even further to move into oneness and unity. Spirit, along with your destroyer, are initiating you to release the walls you have put up between you and others. Your inner destroyer and Spirit want you to realize the truth: that there has never been separation. Separation has been an illusion designed by this simulation to keep us at war amongst ourselves because of the raging war within ourselves. End the war dear Aries. Make peace. Surrender your urge to fight and tap into the sky dancers’ medicine, they have much wisdom to offer you at this time.

Healer Message: 1-Calendula~ Purity.

Lay down your arms dear warrior, you have fought enough. The sun is coming through as your healing guide along with Chiron. Both these powerful healers are here to initiate you into your purity, and your child like innocence. There was a time when you didn’t have a care in the world. Where you laughed, played and truly enjoyed yourself. You have a wonderful sense of humor and truly know how to make others laugh. Your inner healer is initiating you into recalling these memories now. Recall happy moments of your childhood dear Aries and if you can’t recall any, spend some time creating new ones with your inner child. The healing that is being offered to you know comes from within. It comes from your inner child that has not seen the daylight in ages, literally.

Go out and do something fun for a change. Maybe play a game that you haven’t played in ages. Call up a friend and go out. Release prior pain, you don’t need it anymore. You are ready to shine like the most radiant of suns. With calendula, the sun and Chiron as your healing allies, there is nothing you can’t do. Get out there in the sunlight, let it reflect your own inner light back to you.

Moon affirmation:

“My words and actions are of beauty, compassion and love. ~ Mood God Baiame”. Go be the sunlight you were destined to be. Release your fear. You are made of the purest light.

If you are an Aries Rising, Pisces sits in your 12th house of undoing, subconscious, past lives, mental health, dreams and illusions and the full moon is illuminating its axis opposite in Virgo in your 6th house of health, routine and occupation. Allow your subconscious patterning to come to the surface and be destroyed. Release your need to be perfect when it comes to your service, health or occupation. You are good enough exactly as you are right now.


Destroyer Message: 7-Covenant~Sacred Contract.

Dear Taurus, your inner destroyer is coming through to tell you that it is time for you to destroy and cut karmic ties. You have been repeating the same toxic loops over and over again, not grasping that you have already learned the lesson. What are you still holding on to about these patterns? What are you truly afraid of if you step out of this loop? Allow yourself to contemplate and to sit with these questions. Your inner destroyer is at your disposal, ready to destroy anything you wish for your highest good. If there is a toxic relationship draining your life force, ask your destroyer to release this connection and to end this soul contract. Soul contracts are something we agree to before we incarnate here on earth. When they come into our awareness, we have the free will to choose differently.

If a contract with a person, situation or place isn’t serving us anymore, we can make the conscious choice to end it. That choice is making itself readily available to you know Taurus. You also have a moon blessing being bestowed upon you at this time which means that any intention you set now will be amplified by the full moon, and this regardless of when you read this. Certain contracts have run their course. It is time to release them so that you may enter into new contracts that fulfil and illuminate your soul. Choose Taurus. The time has come for you to destroy this cycle so that you can begin again.

Healer Message: 22-Jergon Sacha~ Transfiguration.

An ending is imminent. You can either actively partake in this ending or the universe will do it for you. There is a habit, person, place or situation that you are holding onto that has run its course. Maybe its an old way of being all together that is ready to be die. With Mars and Pluto coming through to assist your healing journey at this time, this means that the ending you have secretly been hoping for is within reach. Mars will see that it is done swiftly, and Pluto will ensure that this ending triggers your transformation. Through this transformation, you will be initiated into reconnecting with deeper parts of yourself. Parts of yourself that have been dormant up until now. You are ready to awaken. Release the poisonous habits, relationships or situations. You are ready for a better, healthier and more fruitful season. Release and let go. Allow your inner healer to take the lead and guide you forward. Your inner healer will not lead you astray.

Moon affirmation:

“I flow towards my goal. I am strongly protected as I go. ~ Waning Crescent 2”. Flow with life Taurus. Get ready for radical, life altering change.

If you are a Taurus Rising, Pisces sits in your 11th house of network, broader community, friends and social causes and the full moon is illuminating its axis opposite in Virgo in your 5th house of creativity, romance, children and pleasure. Certain relationships are causing you more pain than good. Some hurt is happening behind your back. Allow the full moon to be your guide at this time and to reveal to you who is true and who is not. Allow the truth to set you free.



Destroyer Message: 51-Stars in the sky~Limitless Possibility.

Dear Gemini, your inner destroyer is coming through to help you release all limiting beliefs that you are still carrying in regard to your path and potential. Your inner destroyer is here to remind you that you are full of possibilities, but you need to release the limits you set upon yourself. At times, your mind gets the best of you, driving you into dark places you’d rather not be. Your inner destroyer is here to destroy this excessive mental chatter to bring more peace and harmony into your life, but you need to be willing to let this go. Spirit is saying that you have at times overidentified with your excessive chatter as simply being a part of who you are. This, along with overthinking, have been your companions for quite some time, on occasion pulling you away from what you are truly meant to be doing.

Your inner destroyer wants to bring you back to inner peace and harmony, but first, you need to release these old identities you have been carrying that limit your potential. Any negative self-talk that is harming you can be destroyed right now if you wish it. But the thing is, you need to wish it. You need to be patient with yourself and not be discouraged when the mental chatter and overthinking return for they are simply residual energies coming up to be cleared. Anchor yourself into your new sense of self. Allow your inner destroyer to be your guide, clearing out any mental limits you have been carrying. It is time for you to breathe freely again. Release yourself from these mental shackles and truly breathe…. Feel the air as it fills your lungs and spreads through your body.

Reconnect with your inner spirit, your inner sanctuary. Remember that you are and can be peace, that you are and can be harmony. Wish upon a star tonight and change how you view yourself. It is time you showed the world the true you. Breathe in deep and release. You are free to be you. No more hiding.

Healer Message: Passionflower-43. ~Surrender.

Your inner healer, along with Neptune, Pisces ruler, and the Moon, are coming through to gift you a period of rest. You have been fighting mental battles within yourself for far too long. Surrender it all now to the will of the divine. You don’t have to wage your internal battles alone. Turn towards spirit, your guides, your ancestors; they can help you along your path. If you are hitting a mental roadblock, call upon divine assistance.

You have many powerful guides offering you their aid at this time. Neptune, the planet of psychic gifts, intuition and insight is at your disposal. The moon, ruler of Cancer, symbolizing our emotions and our sensitivity, is here to heighten your emotions at this time. This energy is here to initiate you into your feelings and emotions rather than your thoughts. Step out of your mind for a bit and enter your heart. Can you feel the peace and the harmony that dwell here? You also have a wise animal spirit guide coming through, Owl. You are never alone Gemini.

All around you is a budding community of support. Tap into them. Feel their presence. Feel their unconditional love for you. Bask in this love at this time. Release your weary energy to them. Allow them to cleanse your auric field of any debris. Allow your guides to illuminate your path forward. You don’t need to know your next steps just yet. Rest in your inner temple and sanctuary. You are safe.

Moon affirmation:

“I am courageous and powerful. ~ Waxing Gibbous 2”. Embrace your spiritual community. You don’t have to move through life alone. Help is on the way.

If you are a Gemini Rising, Pisces is in your 10th house of career, vocation and social status and the full moon is illuminating its axis opposite in Virgo in your 4th house of family, roots, ancestors and unconscious. Lean on your community for support and counsel. Allow trusted friends in. Powerful insights and discoveries about yourself and your path are afoot.


Destroyer Message: 25-Garden of Venus~ Rest and Renewal.

Dear Cancer, it is time to destroy everything and anything that has been standing in the way of your inner peace and sanctuary. Your inner destroyer is coming through to say that you have been doing so much for others. It is time you give to yourself under this full moon. With the moon being your planetary ruler, you might have been feeling a mix of emotions. Your inner destroyer is here to help clear your schedule so that you may enjoy more relaxation and much needed “me” time. Time away, if possible, even for a couple hours will be beneficial to you now. Going out and reconnecting with close friends will also be supportive.

Allow others to hold you and renew your sense of inner beauty. Take time to rest and to meet your own needs. Your inner garden is beckoning you, whispering rest and renewal. Release any guilt or shame that you might be holding onto around allowing yourself rest and alone time to recharge. Being a soul ruled by the moon means being sensitive, not only to your emotions, but to those of others. This can drain your energy. The garden of Venus is being offered to you. If something has been weighing on your mind, allow your inner destroyer to take up to the heavens. Here, the heavens will work on your behalf to clear whatever troubles you. Being such a pure soul allows you favors within the angelic realm. They are surrounding you know, encouraging rest. It’s okay to take a break. You are not a failure for needing time out to recharge.

Your needs are just as valid as anyone else’s needs. Don’t be afraid to speak up at this time. Your inner destroyer is heavily present and ready to assist. Tap into your destroyer’s energy and voice your needs. Your needs matter. But more importantly, you matter. Use your voice and cultivate rest. Renewal is available to you now.

Healer Message:26-Cordyceps~Revival.

Dear Cancer, your inner healer along with 3 planetary guides are coming through to carry you to new heights, if you allow yourself to rest. We are often conditioned to believe that to get anywhere in life we constantly need to be doing but this isn’t  true. We can get to our destination a lot quicker when we take the time to integrate rest into our daily lives and habits. Through rest, we can completely revive our spirit. Though the eagle is a powerful flyer, he understands that sometimes he needs to rest on a branch for a moment, gathering his strength for his next flight. Maybe, whilst on the branch, eagle is able to receive and perceive the world completely differently than when he was in flight. The same is true for you. Your inner healer is inviting you to step into stillness.

Explore what it means to sit quietly and see what insights or breakthroughs naturally unfold for you. You don’t always need to be doing to make progress. Stillness is just as powerful. Revival doesn’t take place in action; it takes place when we are quiet. Though Mars is present, his energy will begin to fuel you after you have rested. First you must be still, gather the wisdom flowing from Jupiter towards you at this time. Then, with this wisdom, you must let Pluto transform you from the inside out. After this transformation has taken place, Mars will come and empower you to take action. Be at rest for now. The moment to act is coming.

Moon affirmation:

“I enjoy the serendipity of life. The unexpected can be wonderful. ~ Blue Moon”. Release your expectations regarding your life dear Cancer. Rest and allow the universe to surprise you in unexpected ways.

If you are a Cancer Rising, Pisces sits in your 9th of higher learning, travel, religion and philosophy and the full moon is illuminating its axis opposite in Virgo in your 3rd house of communication, siblings and local community. Express your emotions. Express your frustrations. Anything you are currently feeling, the moon wants to know. This expression will provide rich insights that will be revealed down the road. Dare to venture off the beaten path and flow down your inner stream.


Destroyer Message: 42-Net Caster~Preparations come to fruition.

Dear Leo, things might have seemed a little scattered and all over the place for you lately. You might have been feeling stressed and second guessing the direction you hope to take in your life. Your inner destroyer is coming through to remind you that there is nothing you can’t do. As a Leo, you embody the essence of the queen and king of the jungle. There is nothing you can’t accomplish when it is in harmonic alignment with your heart. If things have seemed scattered and unclear, ask your inner destroyer to come in and destroy the scatteredness and the lack of clarity. Things are going to be taking off for you soon, without much effort on your part. That’s because what is about to unfold is a part of your destiny. It is something that you have been working on manifesting for quite some time now. The universe is going to take you by surprise when it drops it on your doorstep (Amazon Prime anyone?).

Don’t second guess yourself when your dreams start to become your reality. You have earned this. You deserve this. All the inner work you have been doing, the wishing upon a star, the breakdowns and breakthroughs you have been experiencing have all led up to this moment. Receive with gratitude. Your dreams are being delivered to your doorstep. Sooner than expected. Embrace the new chapter you will be entering in. If self-doubt surfaces, lean on your inner destroyer to clear those thoughts out. You don’t need them anymore. It is safe for you to be powerful. It is safe for you to be in your light. Roar. Let the world know why you wear the crown.

Healer Message:47-Skullcap~Stillness.

Your life is about to radically change and take off dear Leo, in the best of ways. Though you have been praying for these changes, they can be a little overwhelming to adjust too. Make time to practice stillness. Skullcap is a soothing herb, spiritually used to consecrate commitments. Remember the commitment you made long ago to your dreams. Remember the will power that has fueled you up until now to make it happen. Though the changes coming up ahead will be happy, positive changes, allow yourself the grace and the time to adapt to the new circumstances. Retreat and rest in your own energy. Take some time to meditate if need be.

With both Pluto and Saturn coming through as your guides, these changes are going to initiate you into reclaiming more of your soul power. You will be seen and recognized for your inner sense of responsibility. Wherever Scorpio/Pluto and Capricorn/Saturn sit in your chart is where you can anticipate the most change to take place. Ground yourself and take time for you, and you alone. These changes are going to recalibrate your whole energetic body, allowing you to emerge transformed. Like the scorpion, don’t be afraid to retract to cool dark places to recharge and rebalance your energy. Your strongest medicine is yourself. Don’t forget that once success starts knocking on your door.

Moon affirmation:

“I accept renewal and delight in fresh starts. ~ New Moon”. A new cycle is upon you, one that you have been waiting for. Expect things to start taking off in the spring season. For now, recalibrate your body to anticipate the changes. You will be ready to take on the world.

If you are a Leo Rising, Pisces sits in your 8th house of transformation, death, rebirth, inheritance and the occult and the full moon is illuminating its axis opposite in Virgo in your 2nd house of money, values and possession. Prepare to move through a lot of changes when it comes to your financial house. Opportunities you never expected will come knocking at your door. Know that you are good enough to accept them. Even if you feel scared, move through that energy with courage. Your destiny lies on the other side.


Destroyer Message: 56-The Wall. ~Obstacles.

Dear Virgo, your card came out in reverse. I haven’t been reading reversals, but I sense it important for you that I do so. With this card being reversed, this indicates that any obstacles you are currently perceiving are immaterial or illusionary. They aren’t real. You have the power within you to dismiss them and clear them out of your energy field. Your inner destroyer is on standby, ready to serve you. Though destroyer energy might make you nervous or uneasy, know that not all destruction is violent. Destruction can also be slow. Think about water that slowly erodes a rock. We call it erosion but what is really happening is a slowed down destruction of the rock over time by the water. If the thought of embracing destroyer energy makes your uncomfortable, view your inner destroyer as water, simply eroding the obstacles out of your life with conscious thought and effort. If you have no idea what this wall or these obstacles might be, an angel blessing is being bestowed upon you at this time.

Archangel Metatron is coming through to offer you assistance in clearing your mind of these perceived obstacles. Your mind, though one of your greatest assets, can sometimes get the best of you. Archangel Metatron is here to bring you more peace and calm. But you need to consent to receiving his assistance. Angels respect that we have free will and don’t intervene unless called upon. If you are struggling with anything, the angel realm is here to help you. Destruction, death, transformation… all these energies don’t need to be quite so scary when we have angels by our side guiding us through them. Call upon your angels or request archangel Metatron to move this wall. Watch as the angelic forces bring back peace and stillness into your life.

Healer Message: 7-Pau D’arco~Metamorphosis.

There is more potential to you than meets the eye dear Virgo. You have abilities you have not even begun to fathom. But you need to give yourself the chance. With the full moon being in your sign, your senses are heightened at this time. With Pluto and the moon coming through as your cosmic guides, these senses are amplified even further.  Know that your gut reactions to things and your 6th sense will be on point. Do not doubt the messages or the insights you receive during this time period. Your psychic body is being activated and upgraded at this time. Allow the moon to bestow blessings upon you. Anything you want, you simply need to ask to receive. Though your blessings are within reach, they will require you undergo a metamorphosis.

For you, this means shedding the old skin that you have been wearing until now, the skin that has been suffocating you and preventing you from growing. You are ready for more. You have the capacity for more. You simply had to believe in yourself. You might find yourself at a crossroads during this time period. One road leads down the same road you have been down countless times before. On this road, you continue to do things exactly the same. View this road as the equivalent of taking the blue pill. You wake up, unchanged and very much the same. The other road is unexpected. It wines and turns in ways you simply cannot predict. In order to navigate this road and to take the red pill so to speak, you will need to allow your old self to die. A new sense of self is waiting for you down this path. Will you be brave enough to venture down it? Release your fears under this full moon. The truth of who you are and just what you are capable of is within reach. Note that once you go down this path, you will never be the same again. Are you ready for the adventure?

Moon affirmation: 

“I am open and responsive to the abundance of the universe. ~ Waxing Gibbous 6”. Get your explorer cap on. A new journey awaits you. A journey leading you right into the center of the universe.

If you are a Virgo Rising, Pisces sits in your 7th house of partnerships, marriage and relationships and the full moon is illuminating its axis opposite in Virgo in your 1st house of Self and outwardly appearance. Dare to radically change how you carry and present yourself to the world. Observe what you like and don’t like from the people around you, either in terms of manners, character or clothing. Choose what you like and dare to recreate your sense of self.


Destroyer Message:4-Cat-Erpillar~opportunity.

Dear Libra, your inner destroyer is armed and ready to destroy anything and everything standing between you and the opportunities you so rightfully deserve. A lot of the opportunities that are going to be coming your way are well-deserved. Spirit wants you to know that you are one of their favorites. They are constantly watching over you, taking notice of all the hard work you have been pouring into yourself over the past couple months. It is now time for you to reap the rewards. Though opportunities are coming your way, you may still face certain challenges along your path. Your inner destroyer is reminding you that you have them by your side, guiding you. Should you need help or assistance in resolving conflict, ask your inner destroyer to come through and help you reveal the truth about the situation.

Though tempers might get inflamed and heated, the truth will be available, and resolution will be within reach. A lot of the opportunities coming your way are going to involve other people. Your people skills will be put to the test. Know that you have tact, diplomacy and grace at your fingertips. Just because some pigs decide to go at it in the mud (and enjoy it!), doesn’t mean you have to join them. Know when to get involved in a dispute and when to let it go and entrust the matter to Spirit. Blessing upon blessing is coming your way. Especially during the spring season. Open your heart up and receive with grace and gratitude. What is yours is coming.

Healer Message:13-Motherwort~ Strength.

Your character and strength will be put to the test during the spring season dear Libra but know and trust that you have the might to endure anything. Motherwort is coming through to bestow a healing blessing upon your journey. Should something have hurt you in the past, the opportunity to heal will be offered to you in the next coming weeks to months. Trust that whatever this is, its time for the pain, the tears and the suffering to end. This opportunity has to do with matters of the heart. Know that you have the gentle and caring nature of great mother within you and the courageous heart of the lion. There is nothing you cannot surmount, even the deepest of emotional pains.

Expect healing to occur during the spring and summer months. Certain relationships that have seemed dicey or cold will begin to heat up. Do not give into despair. Your inner healer is right by your side, guiding you forward and allowing you to bring healing to your heart. Pluto is going to help facilitate this healing by encouraging you to let old, outdated beliefs die with grace so that new ones can take their place. Allow death to be your ally. Don’t fear her power. She is a part of you. When you make death your friend, every ending can carry as much beauty as a sunset, knowing that the sun will rise again the very next day. The same is true for new beginnings. Though an ending can hurt, know that a new beginning is also happening simultaneously. You are constantly changing and evolving. Lean on the feminine or a female friend during this time period. Allow them to comfort you.

Moon affirmation:

“Gratefully, I surrender my struggle. ~ Waning Crescent 3”. Don’t get entangled in other people’s drama. Let them live their lives the way they see fit and live yours the way you see fit. Act with grace and diplomacy. You have more beauty about you than you know.

If you are a Libra Rising, Pisces sits in your 6th house of health, routine and occupation and the full moon is illuminating its axis opposite in Virgo in your 12th house of undoing, subconscious, past lives, mental health, dreams and illusions. Any mental blocks or unseen elements bothering you at this time… A portal has just opened for you to cast them all in there. As you clear out your 12th house, your 6th house will open up effortlessly. Your health will improve, and your occupation will become easier. Trust and have faith.


Destroyer Message: 11-Deep Quiet~Meditation and Stillness.

If anyone is a master destroyer, it is you dear Scorpio. Your inner destroyer is coming through to say that they will be taking a break during this time period. It is time for you to turn inwards and go on an introspective journey. There will be no need for destruction where you are going, only quiet solitude and a desolate place where you can reconnect with your inner most self. If things have been turbulent around you, either in your professional life or personal life, turning inwards at this time will bring in more peace and balance. Remember, your outer reality is often a reflection of your inner reality.

As you make room to cultivate peace and stillness within, these energies will naturally be reflected back to you in your external circumstances. If finding stillness has been difficult, consider taking a personal retreat or sometime away from work. Take a mini getaway somewhere. This getaway doesn’t need to be anything lavish. It can be your own personal space where you temporarily disconnect from the world for a little while. You are constantly exerting a powerful force in the world Scorpio; you can take sometime away. The world will still be there upon your return. Take some time, practice meditation and go on a soul journey. Be at rest. Everything will resolve itself naturally and within its divine timeline. Trust and lay still.

Healer Message:9-Chamomile~ Inner Peace.

Your inner healer is coming through to bring you much needed inner peace dear Scorpio. Work might have been chaotic as of late and its time for you to take a break if you can. Take some vacation time if possible so that you can recharge your batteries. When you are at peace, the whole world harmonizes to that frequency. Don’t ever underestimate your power. The sun and the moon are also coming through as guides, reminding you that balance is crucial to remain in your center of power. When we overexert ourselves, we risk burnout and stress. Spirit wants better for you Scorpio. There is more to life than work. There is more to life than money and stability.

Spirit is coming through to offer you the gift of peace. But you must be willing to take it. If things aren’t going as planned and shit is hitting the fan, focus on bringing in more compassion into the situation. With deer coming through as an animal guide, deer is reminding you that you always have the choice to bring love, understanding and healing into everything that you do. Instead of engaging in work drama or conflict, remove yourself from the situation all together. If you need to get involved, remain anchored in your heart and speak from compassion and love. As you do this, you will naturally bring your healing energy to the table, facilitating peace and resolution. Do not underestimate your ability to bring healing into everything that you do. Even when things seem chaotic, you still have access to this power. Understand the power you wield and do so with responsibility and compassion. Everything will harmonize accordingly.

Moon affirmation:

“I have a balanced relationship with time. I use time well. ~ Moon God Many”. Don’t get entangled in work drama. Stay in your heart and bring compassion into everywhere you go. Allow your heart to lead and be your strongest guide at this time.

If you are a Scorpio Rising, Pisces sits in your 5th house of house of creativity, romance, children and pleasure and the full moon is illuminating its axis opposite in Virgo in your 11th house of network, broader community, friends and social causes. Let the drama go. Don’t take part in this dance. Withdraw and send love in. Everything will get resolved for the highest good.


Destroyer Message:54-The Crossing~Initiation.

Dearest Sagittarius, your inner destroyer is philosophical, just like you. They are initiating you into revisiting your beliefs about yourself, people and the world. What beliefs are you holding onto about yourself that are not contributing to your empowerment or evolution? What beliefs are holding you back from expressing your truth and allowing your inner wise woman or man to come through and shine? What fears are still keeping you back from embracing the role of the sacred teacher? The moon along with your inner destroyer want you to contemplate these questions.

You don’t need to hide anymore. What you have to say has meaning and is valuable. Your voice and your truth matter. Enlist your destroyer to challenge the inner beliefs you hold and to gently release them and let them go. Better yet, write them down and burn them. You don’t need them. You are ready to soar to new heights, but first you must shed some stagnant energy. A new portal is opening up for you under this full moon. This portal will be active for the remainder of Pisces season. Make the most of it. Initiate yourself over and over again until you are clear on exactly who you are and what it is you have to offer this world. Trust that what you have to offer is a lot, has merit and is valuable.

There are people begging to get to know you. Put yourself out there and dare to share your inner most thoughts with the world. Prepare to be amazed at how many people resonate with your wisdom and teachings. Embrace your inner guide and philosopher wholeheartedly. They will guide you forward through any challenge you might encounter. You are wiser than you think. Allow the world to see you for it.

Healer Message:34-Mitragynia~Shape Shifting.

Your inner healer is a shapeshifter dear Sagittarius. Whether you are aware of this or not, shapeshifting is a part of your path in this life. This means that you are meant to understand and grasp deeper and richer layers of consciousness, deeper and richer than most. This is one of your innate talents that is coming to the forefront now. This ability is meant to inspire the next steps on your journey. Whether you begin to teach about shapeshifting or rather practice shapeshifting more consciously in your everyday life, trust that how ever you choose to move from now on is in more direct alignment with your soul. You have been a shapeshifter in a past life, seamlessly moving between different forms, either spiritually or physically. This ability has followed you into this life.

Saturn is coming through to assist with structure and order should teaching be a part of your path. Saturn will help organize your life so that teaching becomes effortless for you. Neptune is coming through to heighten your spiritual and intuitive gifts. Both these master teachers have further blessings to bestow upon you at this time. But you must be willing to enter their chambers. Further initiations are set to happen over the next few months. Prepare to transform and shapeshift. Allow yourself to move effortlessly without restriction.

Moon affirmation:

“I am loved beyond measure. ~ Waning Crescent 1”. Allow love to be your guide as you shape shift and transform. You are loved in every shape you take.

If you are a Sagittarius Rising, Pisces is in your 4th house of family, roots, ancestors and unconscious and the full moon is illuminating its axis opposite in Virgo in your 10th house of career, vocation and social status. Allow yourself to develop the necessary skills to be able to shapeshift between different environments. It’s okay to be different in your private, family life versus your professional, business life. This does not make you two-faced but multi-faceted. Embrace your facets.


Destroyer Message:61-Whalesong~ Resonating.

Dear Capricorn, your inner destroyer is beckoning you to explore your hidden depths and inner waters. Certain truths and secrets are ready to be revealed to you under this full moon, truths and secrets you never would have imagined. With whale spirit coming through as your guide, prepare to dive in deep into the darkness. Dare to take the plunge and leave fear at the surface of the water. Certain hidden forms of knowledge are going to be revealed to you. This knowledge is going to help you make informed decisions regarding your path and where you are heading. Do not second guess the intuitive hits that are going to be coming your way.

Out of all the signs under this full moon, you will be receiving the most psychic activations and downloads. Your energetic bodies are being recalibrated to be in more harmony and alignment with your true purpose. You have come here to fulfill a certain mission and whale spirit is guiding you too it. Though the journey might expose some latent fears, allow your inner destroyer to take care of those for you. You don’t need to be afraid of your path dearest Capricorn. You are here to be successful beyond your wildest dreams and you will be. But first, you must take the plunge into your depths. Allow the energy activations to run their course and do their thing. You will know when it is time to come back up to the surface. You will remerge transformed and reborn.

Allow the depths to awaken you to who you truly are at a soul level. Prepare for more soul remembrance to take place during the next few weeks. You are being psychically activated and upgraded.

Healer Message:38- Cacao~Initiation.

Dearest Capricorn, your inner healer is initiating you into yourself even further. If you thought you knew yourself, prepare to be blown out of the water with what Uranus, Venus, your inner healer and the moon are going to be revealing about you over the next few weeks. What you think you know about yourself is a fraction of who you truly are. More and more pieces are going to be revealed over the next few weeks. As these pieces are called back, you are naturally going to experience more calm, heart centeredness and relaxation. The desire to constantly pursue the next thing and to work yourself into the ground is going to completely clear out. You will emerge fully in your power and your potential.

Expect spring season to be rich with reward. Doors that were previously locked will be magically unlocking. Any opportunities that have been delayed will be arriving promptly. It is your time to receive. Blessing of true love will also be coming through. Allow this earthly experience to crack your heart right open, inviting you to experience love on a whole other level. Prepare for a deeper richer type of love to knock on your doorstep. You deserve this.

Moon affirmation:

“Beauty raises my vibration. I seek it out for healing and joy. ~ Waning Gibbous 4”.  Allow beauty to be your guide over the next few weeks. Follow it down the rabbit holes. You never know who or what you might encounter.

If you are a Capricorn Rising, Pisces sits in your 3rd house of communication, siblings and local community and the full moon is illuminating its axis opposite in Virgo in your 9th of higher learning, travel, religion and philosophy. Mystical experiences are set to take you away to faraway places. Get on the dream boat and let it take you exactly where you need to go.


Destroyer Message:59-Wailing Tree~ Reconciliations.

Your inner destroyer is bringing you heightened sensitivity around relationships that need reconciliating and others that need the ultimate destruction. You are heading on a path dear Aquarius and not everyone can go with you. Some of these relationships have been a thorn in your back for quite some time. Know that these relationships have been causing you pain because the people involved themselves are carrying pain. However, you cannot save everyone. Each individual is responsible for their own healing journey. For a lot of these relationships, the lessons have reached their end. It is time for you to express gratitude for these connections and allow your inner destroyer to gently sever these ties.

More supportive friendships are on the way. But first, a big energetic clearing of your friend group is being forecasted. If certain friends want to keep wailing and not take responsibility for their life, that is on them. You are not their savior. Release them so that they can be initiated into their own healing path. Or not. Everyone has free will and the power to choose. Prepare to be offered a choice Aquarius. You can either keep the friends you have now or accept the opportunity to call in soul tribe, souls that are destined to support you and make you feel seen on your path.

Release the connections that no longer serve you. You don’t need wailing tree energy in your life anymore. Any relationships that are worth maintaining will naturally be reconciled with no effort on your part. Trust and have faith that the universe is working things out for you greatest good.

Healer Message:31-Cannabis~Detachment.

Dear Aquarius, your inner healer is initiating you onto the path of sovereign detachment. This is not cold, emotionless detachment, but detachment that originates from your soul. You are entering upon the sacred ground of neutrality. What used to trouble you is being cleared out. Pains and hurts are becoming distant memories. You are beginning to unlock more of your divine power. A power where you can look at everything with pure detachment in the most compassionate and loving of ways. Though some might be tempted to try and get a reaction out of you, and some might even bait you, remaining calm and detached is a perfectly natural response.

Saturn is bestowing the energy of remaining cool, calm and collected under pressure. If work deadlines have been stressing you out, lean on Saturn. He will give you the necessary resilience to get stuff done without getting overly in your head about it. Neptune will also give you the extra psychic sense you need in order to be able to effectively discern situations. Scenarios that have otherwise left you confused or murky will be cleared and resolved. Allow your inner observer to take center stage over the next little while. Allow people to play out their dramas without getting personally involved. Be the humble watcher. Only interfere if your wise counsel in sought with an honest heart.

Moon affirmation:

“I am curious about my true nature. I seek to understand myself~Waning Gibbous 1”. Get curious about who you truly are when you aren’t out saving or rescuing people from themselves. Allow the true you to be uncovered.

If you are an Aquarius Rising, Pisces sits in 2nd house of money, values and possession and the full moon is illuminating its axis opposite in Virgo in your 8th house of transformation, death, rebirth, inheritance and the occult. Deep soul transformation is afoot. Allow the full moon to guide you. This full moon will be working in tandem with Pisces, calling in better money-making opportunities your way.


Destroyer Message: 13-Dream~Refusal of the Call.

Dear Pisces, are you refusing to answer the call of your soul or is your mind playing tricks on you and making you believe such? Your inner destroyer is awakening to help you destroy all illusions that might still be playing out around you at this time. More grounding energy will help you to see matters clearly. Spending time out in nature or reconnecting with your body will help bring your focus back into the present moment. Though this is your season, it is also the time where you are most app to have nervous breakdowns and experience cloudy judgement. Though Neptune, your planetary ruler, bestows psychic gifts, he also rules illusion and mental health, causing potential confusion when it comes to matters of the mind. Know that you are not lost. You are simply wandering for a time and that is okay. Sometimes we need to wander in order to find ourselves.

Allow yourself to explore different things, see how you respond. Maybe begin a new health practice or try different foods. Notice what feelings and sensations are activated within you. Pay attention to your dreams during this time too. Though they can be confusing, trust that what you are meant to receive from them will come through as clear as water. Mediating or spending time near water will help clear the confusion. If you do feel that you are not currently answering your soul’s greatest calling, lean into water, your element. Water has the potential to heal anything your heart desires. You can simply infuse your water with your thoughts and intentions and trust that it will work its wonders. Spend sometime alone, reconnecting with your inner self. The path you are meant to take will gradually reveal itself.

Healer Message:32-Comfrey~Completion.

Things might seem cloudy for you at present dear Pisces. Know that it is because you are about to complete a huge healing cycle that you cannot yet see. The image that is coming through is that of a misty mountain. You cannot see the top, yet you keep climbing, trusting that you will see it when you get there. The same if true for you now. Though you cannot see your next steps, trust that they are there. Just keep moving one step at a time. As you take one step, the next step will naturally present itself. But you need to keep walking. Don’t stop or second-guess yourself at this time. And if you do, show yourself some love and compassion. You are doing the best you can.

The cycles you are moving through are not easy. Some of these cycles are ancient and have been pasted down through your ancestors. You have been selected as their chosen champion to break these cycles. Know that your inner healer chose this path for you long before you chose to incarnate in this lifetime. Your inner healer wanted to experience remembering itself through ancestral trauma. Through breaking these cycles, you reclaim and awaken your natural gifts and talents. Though your path has not been easy, know that it is leading you exactly where you need to be. A huge breakthrough is coming. One that will shift how you relate to your family and your own sense of self. Keep going.

Moon affirmation:

“I am connected to the earth and all life around me. ~ Moon Goddess Artemis”.  Connect with the great mother. Get your hands in some dirt of you can and feel Gaia’s richness. Know that the same richness flows through you.

If you are a Pisces Rising, Pisces sits in your 1st house of Self and outwardly appearance and the full moon is illuminating its axis opposite in Virgo in your 7th house of partnerships, marriage and relationships. Things are going to radically shift and change when it comes to your sense of self and how you relate to others. How others view you is going to change for the better as you reclaim more of your power. Welcome home.

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Decks used:

The Shaman’s Dream Oracle by Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid

The Herbal Astrology Oracle by Adriana Ayales

Moon Magick-Deep Moon Messages by Stacey Demarco

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