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Full Moon in Leo ~ Dropping Energetic Distortions

The energy of the full Moon in Leo is in full swing. We are feeling and moving through a lot. Emotions and sensitivities are high. This full moon is the beginning of a deep initiation a lot of us will be called to go through during the month of February.

The Moon is currently illuminating areas within us where we might still be distorting our frequency to either people please, keep a false sense of peace, hide our true self or put other peoples feelings ahead of our own. Understand that every time you distort who you know yourself to be, you energetically harm yourself. Now, this isn't anyone's fault. Due to social conditioning, trauma and wounds, all of us have been programmed to be energetically distorted. And yet, we hear the echoes of truth deep beneath the surface, calling us inwards...

You are here to be the truest expression of your soul and the spiritual path is one we awaken to when we are ready to reclaim this sacred truth. The truth that our authentic beingness at a soul level is all that has ever mattered. This Full Moon in Leo, with support from it's axis counterpart Aquarius, are our gateway to begin dropping these distortions once and for all so that we may step into our authentic soul vibration.

Shifting our way of being, if we've been distorting our energy, can be deeply painful. It can also bring up a lot of unconscious emotions and patterns. We are encouraged to be gentle with ourselves as we explore these energies and to ask ourselves:

  • If you released these energetic distortions, what kind of energy would you be soulfully emitting?

  • If you released overthinking what you think people are thinking about you, where would you be experiencing more freedom?

  • If you released your own self judgment and truly followed your heart's desires, what would your next steps be?

We have the energy of the lion, the wolf and the dragon coming through as powerful guides as we begin this sacred initiation. Lion asks us to drop into our hearts and to lead from this space. Lion encourages us to put our heart first for a change and to not overthink how others will perceive our choices and actions. This is where we can lean on wolf. Wolf understands the richness of community but also understands that there is much wisdom to be found in isolation. Knowing when we need community and when we need isolation is wolf's key insight. Dragon's grounding energy can be a source of comfort and protection as we navigate these changes. Allowing dragon's powerful wings to take us exactly where we need to be will be the necessary medicine at this time.

I, for one, am feeling a deep call to head into isolation in the upcoming weeks. My heart and soul long for myself. My heart and soul long for the whispers of spirit. My heart and soul are ready for the next steps...

Understand that this full moon in Leo is a preinitiation for what is to come. Spirit, God, the divine, the universe, whatever you want to call it, will be coming in strong, especially during the month of February. Inner guidance systems will be rebooted and upgraded.

We will be stepping into a completely new timeline and frequency come March.

See you on the other side!


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