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Fire Signs~ New Moon in Aquarius & Next 2 Decades

Today, we have the Moon joining the Sun, Pluto and Mercury all in Aquarius.

This is giving us the needed energy to think outside the box and to get really creative, unconventional and innovative.

With the current energy being focused in the sign of Aquarius, we are going to be encouraged to drop the mask and the act we’ve been playing to really step into our authentic selves. The energies that are coming up today will be staying with us for the next little while, especially considering that Pluto is now here to stay.

With that in mind, I wanted to draw cards for the signs and offer a glimpse into what you can anticipate coming your way, not only during the current transit, but over the next 2 decades as Pluto makes its way through Aquarius.

The cards are going to be looking at what energy is going be activated within you during this new moon and for the duration of Pluto in Aquarius. We will also explore the guiding force leading you forward on your path. Next we will explore the energy you will be called to embody and integrate over the next few years in order to fully become who you truly are. Lastly, what is a new moon without a moon message. The final card will be a moon affirmation card.

You can find the decks used at the bottom of this article. If you are curious about what the cards look like, you can find them on my Instagram @iamthedragongoddess. Finally, if you are seeking to get in touch with me, feel free to write to me to I would love to walk alongside you for a little while.

Please note that these messages are intended for your rising sign, but as always, trust your intuition. If you are guided to read for your Sun, Moon or stellium placement, please do so! There is a message for you there.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!


Activation Message:

4~Heart Chakra. The frequency of the Heart Chakra-the green Flower of Life-supports our capacity to love deeply and unconditionally. Its healing properties harmonize the mind and the body.” Dear Aries, prepare to have your heart cracked wide open today and over the next coming years. Anywhere where you have been holding back from expressing love is going to cause discomfort and dis-ease within your physical vessel. You will be called to allow your heart to lead more.

Being the ram and the ruler of the head, it is natural for you to lead from your mind rather than from your heart. You are going to be activated within your 4th chakra in order to confront all limitations, fears and blocks. Divine love is yours for the taking but you need to be open. You need to be open to the fact that you might get hurt in the process and that that is sometimes part of love’s teachings. The pain and suffering we endure out of love is not a reason to close our heart chakra. Rather it is an invitation to move fearlessly, knowing that we have been brave enough to venture out of our comfort zone and that we have dared to love even when the odds might have been stacked against you. Dare to love again Aries. Don’t block or turn off your heart. Turning off your heart will only hurt you in the long run. Remain open.

Allow the frequency of the flower of life to rejuvenate you and open your heart chakra like a beautiful green flower. Feel this energy renewal take place within your heart and spread through your entire vessel, attuning you to this sacred frequency. Don’t be afraid. Allow this energy to harmonize and rebalance your internal landscape. Breathe… Breathe deeply. Feel your heart. Can you sense its rhythm? Can you hear it beating? Love is the greatest experience one can have, and the grandest journey of love begins with the self for the love of self is all there truly is. Embrace love in all its forms dear Aries. Let life crack you wide open.

Guiding Force:

6-Cosmic Womb~ The Divine Feminine”. Dear Aries, prepare to enter upon a divine feminine inspired journey, and this regardless of your gender. Aries, you received the heart chakra activation card, and you are now receiving the cosmic womb as your guiding force. The sacral chakra is found within the womb, and you are about to embark upon a feminine chakra healing journey.

Things might not have always been easy for you dear Aries and at times, you might have wished that you could simply follow your heart instead of your head. With the divine feminine coming through as your guiding force for the next 2 decades, the healing that needs to take place within your mind and heart will come to pass. You will heal both your heart chakra and your sacral chakra, the sacred feminine will see to it. You no longer have to fear that if you live from the heart, you are somehow weaker.

True power and leadership emanate from the heart dear Aries and being connected to your feminine energy (regardless of your gender) empowers you. The element of fire has a masculine polarity, giving you a more actively driven energy. Your energetic blueprint is going to complete change over the next 2 decades. You will emerge on the other side completely balanced, flowing in divine alignment with both the feminine and the masculine principle, wielding both effortlessly. You will emerge as a true leader, knowing when to lead with your head and when to lead with your heart. The divine feminine will bestow strengthened discernment and intuition upon you in the next coming years. The choice to accept her gift will be yours.

Energy Embodiment:

The Talisman”. Dear Aries, the talisman has come to inspire you to honor yourself as a sacred vessel wielding the divine’s will. A key lesson along your path will be to discern when people are trying to use you for your energy and when people genuinely want to help and support you. the talisman will be your guardian. You might be called upon to be another’s talisman. This means that others may look to you as a safe refuge, as a space for protection and sage counsel. Do not turn way the souls that come to you for they have been sent by the divine. Whether you know this or not, you will be the blessing that many are seeking. Allow yourself to be seen. Allow yourself to be looked up too. You will be a shining beacon of light, strength, and wisdom for all to see.

Understand that you may be called to take up more space and to be seen more. This is just part of your path. Move through the fear and show up anyways. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t need to have everything figured out. You just need to be you. tune into the frequency of the talisman. As you think and meditate on the word, what else comes through for you? Journey with this energy and allow it to awaken your senses.

Moon affirmation:

I explore my wildness and dance in pleasure.~ Moon God Dionysus." Enjoy your life dear Aries. Don’t take things too seriously. Remember, you signed up to come here to have the time of your life. Go out, make mistakes and get messy. Live!



Activation Message:

40-Soul Time~ The frequency of Soul Time asks us to allow the possibility of a new reality to emerge-one that embraces the concept that, while the corporeal body is mortal, the soul is timeless, limitless, and infinite.” Dear Leo, over the next 2 decades, you are going to be stepping into your full potential. You will be seeing just what you are made of and capable of when you set your heart on it. Release your fears, release caring what others may say or think about you and pursue the intentions of your heart. Dear Leo, you sometimes see the sunshine in others, but seldom do you see your own sunshine and just how many people bask and enjoy your light.

Over the next coming years, you are truly going to shine. Not because of how others perceive you, but because of how you perceive yourself. A major glow up is going to be transpiring for you on all fronts. Be prepared for radical change and growth. This isn’t the time to play small. Not anymore. Show up and show out Leo. This is your era to show the world who you are. The world is your stage, literally and you are the center of it.

In understanding that your soul is infinite, timeless and limitless, what would you be pursuing? What type of person would you be spending your time with? What would you be creating? Where would your passions be taking you? Allow yourself to dream big and really take the world by storm. Allow yourself time to indulge in your own warmth for a change. Allow your sunlight to illuminate you and you alone. You give so much to others, spend some time focusing on you for a change. Watch how things unfold better than expected. Invest soul time into you. Bask, relax and enjoy. Pursue your truest desires with fierce determination, heart and compassion. Watch as your dreams start to come true.

Guiding Force:

50-Spirit of the River~Movement toward adventure”. Be ready to relocate dear Leo if it means manifesting your dream life. Sometimes the environment we live in is not conducive to our manifestations coming into our lives. It is normal to second-guess or maybe even doubt your manifesting abilities when they just don’t seem to be coming true for you. Know that this is not always the case. There is a saying that goes that when a flower struggles to grow in a certain environment, it is not the flower that needs to be changed but the environment. Be open to moving to another country during this 20-year transit Leo. You might just find that the life you have been waiting for is there.

Allow the spirit of the river to be your guide. Tune into your heart, into your spirit and the element of water. Allow her to guide you towards your destination. Trust that the universe will put you exactly where you need to be so that you can have the best life ever. Remember that the universe absolutely loves you dear Leo. Things don’t happen to you to punish you but to teach you and help you grow. Know when you have outgrown your environment and when it is time for a new adventure. Allow yourself to soar to new heights and see which new horizon whispers your name.

Energy Embodiment:

Toxic”. Dear Leo, though you might have done a lot of healing work around this energy, know that it might flare up from time to time. When our shadows or “toxic” traits flare up, it doesn’t mean that we have failed. It simply means that we are ready to uncover another layer of these traits and to become more intimate with them. Don’t worry if shadows or toxic traits you thought you had clear surface during this transit. See it as an invitation to deepen your healing practice.

Spending time in nature and in solitude might prove to be supportive as you explore yourself even deeper. Don’t be afraid of your inner darkness. Welcome it in as you would an old friend. The snake will be your guide as you do this sacred work. Understand that when toxic trait resurfaces, you are ready to shed another layer of old skin. Though this process can be painful and scary, know that you will emerge reborn. Trust your process and don’t get down on yourself. Be gentle and compassionate and watch as the layers fade with ease.

Moon affirmation:

I invite peace within myself. I ripple this outwards. ~ Waning Crescent 5”. Whenever things seem to be getting out of hand or too chaotic, tune into the frequency of peace. Find your center. Everything will be alright.


Activation Message:

5-Throat Chakra~ The frequency of the Throat Chakra-the blue Flower of Life-supports our self-expression and our sense of peace and balance”. Dear Sagittarius, your sense of self-expression is getting a glow up over the next 2 decades. You will find it easier and easier to express the truth of who you are and to share your passions, hobbies and interests with others. For some of you, a lot of travel is forecasted. If you have been seeking opportunities where you can speak, teach or write more freely, these opportunities will begin pouring into your life (pay attention to 2026 in particular).

Without our ability to speak and express ourselves, we find our soul essence weakened and watered down. We may also succumb to people pleasing and wanting to keep the peace at all cost. Know that your truth, no matter how outlandish it may seem, is just as valid as someone else’s truth. You don’t have to hide away your truth or your beliefs anymore dear Sagittarius, Aquarius will see to that. You have much wisdom to share. Release the need to be a loner and a hermit. Allow yourself to be seen and to share exactly what it is you know.

New business ventures and prospects might present themselves. Be open to moving out of your comfort zone and reaching for the stars, literally. You will find that the more you express your truth and who you are at a core level, the more peace and balance you experience. Inner peace, balance and harmony are a byproduct of truth and authenticity. Over the next few years, you will be called to showcase your authentic nature. Allow the world to see you. You are ready.

Guiding Force:

61-Whalesong~Resonating”. As you begin to speak more and more of your truth and give yourself permission to be authentically you, you will naturally attract the right people to you, effortlessly. If it has been a struggle in the past to attract new clients, business partners, investors etc., this will become a lot easier for you. The key is for you to be the real you. Drop the act, the mask and the performance. Let your true personality come through no matter what others might think.

Understand that the more authentic you are, the more you become a beacon for your people to find you. And yes, by right people, I mean your soul tribe. People that naturally resonate and vibe with you. The type of people you can be your true self with. People that love and accept you whole heartedly. You deserve this. Give yourself the time and the space to release the guiding force of the hermit so that you can embrace your whalesong: speak your truth and the right people will hear it and find you.

Energy Embodiment:

Expand Awareness”. Dear Sagittarius, you are often keenly aware of those around you and yourself. This heightened awareness is your greatest gift but also your downfall. Because you are so aware, you can easily anticipate what others might be thinking or needing from you at a particular time. This defeats the purpose of experience. Though you are more attuned and sensitive to others and yourself, allow others to be themselves without you anticipating how things are going to play out.

Let things play out exactly as they need to without you controlling or influencing the outcome. Allow yourself to be completely in the present, experiencing life. You have a very powerful animal guide watching over you. If you don’t know who this is, take some time to connect with nature. Quiet time in meditation may also be helpful. Powerful shifts and breakthroughs are on the horizon. Your life will look completely different in a year from now.

Moon affirmation:

Life is conspiring for me. ~Last Quarter Moon”. How would you move through life if you knew it was conspiring in your favor? Move in that direction.

Decks used:

Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle by LON

The Shaman’s Dream Oracle by Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid

The Primordial Warrior Oracle by Levi Smits

Moon Magick-Deep Moon Messages by Stacey Demarco

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