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Everything is about energy.

Energy is everything and is everywhere.

Energy allows us to shift, transform, change, and become better. Energy allows us to expand our point of view, our consciousness and realize more about ourselves.

Energy is all there is.


Energy is the lens through which I choose to focus and move through.

I firmly believe that we can have it all in our lives and that it all comes down to what is happening within our energetic field.


Unfortunately, for a lot of us, our energetic field isn’t in good shape.

For a lot of us, our energetic field is overly dense and heavy due to societal, cultural, religious conditioning and various traumas, wounds and experiences (see childhood wounds and ancestral baggage. Yippy!)

None of this is our fault. It has to do with the current dimension we are living in, be it the 3rd dimension where physicality and materialism are the sole focus. Say hello to heavy root chakra energy. (More on that HERE). Whether we are aware of this or not, we chose to incarnate here at this time on this 3d based planet. We chose to come here at this time to experience the big shift taking place. Planet earth is shifting energetically speaking. A lot of this denser energy is being cleared out as more and more people awaken and begin their inner healing journey.

This inner healing journey is what clears and heals the energetic field of all that societal, traumatic crap that has been densifying you.

This is where my work comes in.

I used to feel overly heavy. I was lethargic, moody and had low energy. My energetic field as a whole felt overly constricted. I also had breathing problems. I could never seem to get enough oxygen.

Fast forward to me discovering meditation. I began learning how to breathe, properly. This breathing practice started to expand my energetic field. I began to feel less dense. Less heavy. I began to see myself more clearly. Breakthroughs started happening and things started to dramatically shift. All this because I began to meditate and focus on properly breathing.

What I didn’t realize at that the time was that my breathing was expanding my energetic filed so that I could perceive more. So that I could feel and realize more about myself.

As I began to create more internal space through meditation, I started really looking at myself. And I mean really looking. Meditation was the gateway that propelled me into all kinds of spiritual subjects from astrology, to chakras, to deities, to numerology, tarot and divination.

I began learning so much about myself. And I would maintain my meditation practice through it all.

I was on this journey for a while, not fully comprehending what it is I was experiencing. I hadn’t realized I was dense and heavy until those energies started to clear out.

I experienced space. I experienced expansion. All because I had begun meditating, not understanding or knowing that meditation was creating the necessary space within myself for me to truly see myself and observe what it meant to be me.

All this was expanding my consciousness.

This expanded state of consciousness is what allowed me to see with more discernment what I had previously been experiencing and what a lot of people are still experiencing and stuck in: the density.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

If everyone around you is blind including you, how do you know you are also blind? You don’t. There’s no awareness.

You don’t know your blind until you are no longer blind and can actually see…

That’s what happened with me.

As I progressed down my path, I realized just how fundamental energy became regardless of the approach or lens you choose to look at it from, be it reiki, energy healing, shadow work, archetypes etc. etc.

The point is, I realized how energy could be used to shapeshift, transform and improve my life for the better.

I had always been into astrology and dove into it even more in 2020. I even worked with an incredible mentor where we dove into my birth chart for 3 months together. Her simply speaking to me about my birth chart was activating me energetically. I could feel things began to shift and move. I was being seen for the very first time…

So many breakthroughs happened during the course of that container. My mentor’s chosen healing lens was astrology combined with sound healing and planetary frequencies. So she would help me clear out unwanted energies through personalized guided meditations supported by planetary frequencies. This mentorship container changed my life. It set me on the path that I am now. I knew that astrology was fundamental to my reason for being.

It also made me realize how powerful meditation, especially guided, can be to invocate change and shifts. I have since held numerous ceremonies where I have always included a guided meditation to shift the energies of the participants. Everyone has always felt an energetic shift. And It’s been beautiful to be able to witness firsthand things changing for others.

Energy has always been my reason for being, but energy through the eyes of astrology, guided meditations etc. completely lit me up.

Enter my journey with archetypes.

I concluded my astrology and planetary frequency mentorship. Fast forward and a family friend mentioned that one of her girlfriends was in similar field doing work with clients around archetypes and hypnosis. The archetype part intrigued me deeply so I booked a session.

We ended up working together for a few weeks and I uncovered my 12 archetypes that are here to assist me in this life. I loved how this modality coincided with astrology: it also fit in a 12-house wheel….

Then came my session where we intuitively placed my archetypes within the wheel. WOW. Just wow. The archetypes were basically a perfect matched up with my birth chart placements. I bawled my eyes out.

The synchronicity was unparalleled. I knew I was on to something. This couldn’t be pure coincidence.

And then of course, correspondences were always right beside me on my path, trailing along, teaching me, guiding me, inspiring me. I’d observed and learned about myself through numerology, tarot, divinatory practices, oracle cards, chakras, and crystals. Everything crisscrossed into each other.

And this is how I came to be doing what I now do. I read birth charts, I do archetype wheel readings, I draw oracle cards and create guided meditations when I feel inspired. The tarot framework is also something I use quite regularly when navigating my inner shit. I mix everything together when providing guidance for myself or others. And I love this.

We are all unique beings with intricate complexities. I’ve realized that I have never been satisfied with one modality. I could never do one modality. So I do a mix and some times I blend and add them together. This mixing is what allows powerful transformation to occur and has allowed me to become the cryptic, mystical, wise Seer and guide that I am today.

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