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Ascension Update-Beams Of Light

The energies have been intense lately. I have been feeling tired af and all I want to do is sleep. Add in weird cramps, growls and tingles and you have ascension symptoms, hard.

So what exactly is happening?

This is what I am sensing.

As many of you know, we have been living in a very dense reality known as the 3rd dimension, e.i. the Matrix. Here, the Ego drives the train, and the focus is hustling and grinding. There is no real consciousness and materialism/consumerism are the dominant forces. This has been our current state for centuries.

But, over the past few decades things have been changing. A lot more people are becoming self-aware and are growing in terms of consciousness. We are beginning to expand past the physical.

This expansion in consciousness and self-awareness has prompted a lot of us to begin our respective healing journeys. These journeys have served to bring the matrix programming into our awareness and have equipped us to start unraveling these programs. Through this process, we have begun to awaken, or as I like to call it, remember.

This remembrance has served to strengthen our commitment to the healing arts, many of us stepping into the roles of healers ourselves.

This courageous inner work done by countless souls is beginning to send beams of light through the collective subconscious and unconscious. These beams of light are illuminating the collective’s remaining density that we have yet to process, heal and clear out. It is the illumination of more density, and our need to transmute it, that is causing a big wave of ascension symptoms to reverberate through the collective at this time. A wave that is touching more and more people.

We are beginning to experience a significant energetic shift. We are washing away the 3rd and its constructs and embracing a higher, more purposeful way of life. A way of life that is anchored in the 5th dimension.

This new dimension is what is called Heaven on Earth.

It isn’t a physical location, but a frequency. You know when you have arrived for you will radiate light from your heart, understanding that living from this space has always been the key to everything.

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