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Aries~ Turning Inwards to hear the crone and the temple

Hello wonderful souls,

We entered Aries season 2 weeks ago and were initiated into the eclipse season last Monday.

A lot of energy has been moving about the collective. There has been restlessness, stress, anxiety and fatigue. You might be feeling the need to rest more than usual, and your dream time might be particularly vivid and strange.

As we said goodbye to Pisces season, we purged stagnant energies that were no longer serving us. Some of us might have experienced an uplift in energy as we stepped into Aries season. Others of us might still have some purging to do. Know that whatever you are experiencing is completely valid for where you are on your respective journey. Aries teaches us that it’s okay to follow our own path and that it doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s.

As we navigate Aries season whilst moving through the eclipse portal, we open ourselves to recentering our vision on what truly matters: ensuring that our cup is filled first. When we don’t take the time to fill our own cup, we become restless, irritable, moody, stressed and impatient. With all the celestial bodies in Aries at the moment, this can easily turn into heated disagreements and verbal battles. Add in the eclipse energy and things might just take a turn for the worse, and yet we can rest easy knowing that whatever is unfolding is scheduled by the divine’s will for our highest timeline to anchor in.

This is because eclipse season is all about the serendipitous, fated events and encounters. Certain aspects of our lives such as relationships, career pathways and habits that have reached their due course will be permanently removed. This is what happens when destiny is activated by the celestial orbits.

With that being said, the guiding archetypal energies for the season of Aries are The Temple and The Crone (pictures are on my Instagram @Iamthedragongoddess). These guiding archetypes are similar yet very different.

Both these archetypes have a deeply sacred aspect about them: we attend a temple when we are seeking answers and refuge from the outside world and we visit a crone for very much the same reasons. And yet both are vastly unique; the temple is a space, either tangible or intangible, that provides a sense of oneness, safety and connection with the ethereal whereas the crone is more mysterious. She may choose to speak and share her wisdom, or she may choose to hold the space in quiet silence, allowing her presence alone to activate you.

Both the temple and the crone share wisdom in their own way. We just need to be open and receptive to hearing them.

Below are the messages from The Temple and The Crone for the 12 zodiac signs. Feel free to read for your sun, moon or rising. Allow yourself to be guided by your intuition. Whatever calls to you is meant for you. Whatever doesn’t sound right is meant to be released. Take a deep breath and whenever you are ready, scroll down to the sign you feel most drawn too.

Should you be seeking personal support on your quest at this time, please feel free to book a Soul-to-Soul call with me. This is a completely FREE consultation call to uncover how I can best assist you on your path. The honor would be mine to walk alongside you for a little while.


P.S. Pictures of the cards are available on my Instagram @iamthedragongoddess



Dear Aries, your temple message is to “Get Creative”. Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, you are the initial spark that sets everything ablaze. Now, this blaze can be helpful, allowing an energetic purging and reset to happen, or it can be purely destructive for the sake of being destructive. The temple wants you to know that you wield so much power within you. You have so much potential to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Spend some time reconnecting with your creative side without judgement. Allow your hands to guide your movements. Allow your intuition to lead you. Don’t second guess what you are being called to create. Simply create for the sake of creating. Enjoy and step into the process of creation itself. As you give yourself permission to create without criticism, you will be initiating yourself into a stage of metamorphosis. It is time for you to shed your current layer of skin so that you may embrace a fresher and newer you. This is your season, don’t be afraid to be bold and to step out of your comfort zone. There is nothing that can go wrong and everything that can go right.

The Crone for her part wishes you to take rest and to sit in the Deep Quiet of Meditation and Stillness. Your mind has been overly preoccupied with things that should really not be any of your concern. The crone wishes for you to see that there is truly nothing to fear or worry about when it comes to your future. Your destiny is already unfolding. All you have to do is take it one step at a time. The crone is letting you know that even though you feel tired and like giving up, you are so close to achieving your goals. Keep moving. One step at a time. Taking a step, no matter how small is progress. Keep going. When you need rest, take it. Mediate to reset your energetic field. Don’t be afraid to postpone meetings or events. Rest is paramount for you at this time. Meditation and stillness are your allies through turbulence. Rest easy now. You are in the hands of the universe. Powerful guides surround you and give you their blessing. Breathe….



Dear Taurus, The Temple brings the message of patience, and The Crone brings the message of change (“Horseman-Herald of Change). The change you have been seeking is coming, but a little more patience is required at this time. The temple and the crone understand that whatever this is, it has to do with your career, social standing or health. The solutions and the breakthroughs you have been praying for are coming your way. They are already set in stone as part of your destiny. You have nothing to worry about. Take some time to gently breathe in, and to gently breathe out. Reconnect with your heart and inner temple. When was the last time you truly acknowledged your heart and everything it does for you? As you begin to slow down and acknowledge everything you have that is worth being grateful for, the change you seek will come at an accelerated rate. Release your stress and the tension you have been carrying in your body, your upper back especially. Surrender to the cosmos. They are leading your way.



The Temple brings the message of release, and The Crone brings forward The Crossing-Initiation. This is a sacred time for you dear Gemini. Things are shifting at a subtle energetic level. You might not be noticing these subtilties just yet, but they will be making themselves known in the upcoming weeks. You are shifting, you are changing at a cellular level. New memories are coming back online. These memories, though new to you now, have been within you this whole time. They were simply dormant until now. Allow this newness to blossom. Engage in curiosity as these shifts start to sway and percolate your body. Notice where you might still be carrying energetic baggage that is no longer yours to carry. Connect with your body and simply notice where you might be carrying unwanted pain, stress or tension. Get a massage if you can and rest. Your first temple is your body. Take care of it and it will take care of you. As you engage in more self-care and view your body as the sacred temple that it is, a portal will appear. This portal will initiate you into crossing over your fears. Move forward with courage. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Take a bold step forward and cross the threshold.



Dear Cancer, The Crone will be closing a door in your life for you have reached the completion of this lifecycle and soul lesson. Though this door closing might be painful at first, it is in fact a blessing. This door that is closing will allow you to rediscover yourself in new, creative and unchartered ways. This is because The Temple brings you the gift of The Explorer. The door that you have been holding open has been exhausting you. You might have been holding this door open for so long that you have forgotten why you even bothered in the first place. Let it go. Let it slam shut or delicately close on itself. Whichever way your door closes, know and trust that it is for your highest good. You couldn’t keep it open any longer without paying dire consequences. This is for your own good. Trust that you are being called to step into the frequency of the explorer. This new frequency has been dormant within you but has slowly begun to awaken. You might have felt a hunger slowly develop in the depths of your belly. This hunger is your desire for exploration. Maybe this exploration entails taking a trip somewhere, or maybe it’s beginning a new career or activity. Whatever this is, trust that you are being divinely guided at this time. Release the handle. Allow the door to close. You are ready.



Dear Leo, The Crone is coming through to say that you might have been feeling empty for some time. This has been deliberate on behalf of the universe. If you were filled with stuff that was not serving you, where would you be? The universe had to assist you and encourage you to release, clear out and let go of all the things that weren’t meant for you. This was hard. Emptying your vessel to be in the void with spirit is no easy feat. And yet you did it. Now, in this space of emptiness and pure potentiality, you will be called to replenish your inner resources. A big shift is coming and will likely take place during your season which will be towards the end of July. Get ready. The Temple will be offering you an opportunity to reconnect with your inner wild woman or man and really let loose. The temple is bringing through the energy of The Wildling. The Wildling has strong boundaries and lives life on their own terms. Maybe this archetype is coming through to help you reaffirm your strength and set stronger boundaries? Or maybe this archetype is coming through to help you liberate your voice from the shackles of silence. Whatever this is, it is divinely orchestrated for your highest good. Trust where you are being led at this time. You are exactly where you are meant to be.



The Temple is initiating you into a period of transmutation dear Virgo. What energy have you been carrying that no longer serves you? This energy could be ancestral, or it could be your own. Maybe you are still operating from an outdated mindset that is keeping you stuck or small? Maybe it’s the way you currently dress that is no longer in alignment with who you are now. Whatever this is, it is time for it to be transmuted and turned into gold. Or simply released. The Crone is bringing forward the Sky Bridge with Possibility for Union. If you have recently had a falling out with someone, the crone is coming through to say not to worry. All is well. If these relationships are meant to move forward with you, they will be mended in due time. Otherwise, they will fall by the wayside. This is also a period where the inner union within yourself will be spotlighted. What kind of relationship do you have with yourself? Do you like yourself? If so, you are truly blessed. And this will be amplified in the upcoming weeks. If your relationship with yourself is still a struggle, treat yourself to some support. You don’t have to do everything by yourself.



Dear Libra, The Temple brings the message of Ascension. This period has been difficult and challenging for you on all levels of existence. Though this has been hard, it was wielded on purpose for your highest good. You are developing, growing, expanding and maturing at an accelerated rate. You are stepping into your highest timeline and becoming your highest potential and ideal. This is your future self. You are them and they are you. The transition is nearly complete. These challenges have tested you in a myriad of ways and you may have second guessed yourself along the way. This is okay. This was all part of the journey. You had to experience losing yourself so that you could experience finding yourself again. And with this, the crone walks alongside you as you get back to integrity with the Lost Compass as your guide. Though this compass doesn’t exactly point north, it points you towards what is most beneficial for you at that specific moment in time. This compass is meant for you and only you. Nobody else can get directions from this compass but you. That’s because this compass is a gift given by the great mother herself to assist you on your path. You are one her favorite children, and so she bestowed upon you a lucky compass. Guard it close. Use it when you need to reconnect with yourself and for advice. It will always steer you in the right direction.



How many battles have you been waging dear Scorpio and how is that going for you? The Temple brings to you the message of Surrender and The Crone offers her advice with the Root Girl-The Disowned Self. Have you ever considered that perhaps these wars and battles you wage have more to do with yourself than with anybody else? What if these wars and battles you wagged, you were in reality wagging with other versions of you that you have yet to become aware of and integrate? With the disowned self coming up, the crone is suggesting that the people you argue with are in fact versions of yourself. Versions of yourself that remain indeed disowned and abandoned in the shadows. The temple, with its gentle breeze of surrender, and the crone with root girl are encouraging you to take a break from the outside world to tune inwards for a while. What if you didn’t need to wage wars? What if you didn’t need to start a battle every time you wanted to get your point across? What if life could in fact be much more peaceful than you ever thought possible? Who would you have to be to tap into that frequency of peace? Of surrender? Contemplate this now. Drop your weapons and your mind control games and tactics. They may have gotten you this far, but they will get you no further. It is time for a new approach. An approached stepped in wisdom. Call back your lost fragments now. It is time for you to heal thyself.



The Temple, though peaceful and serene, brings forward the message of The Outlaw. The Crone for her part brings the Deep Diver-Diving Into a Task. The synergy of both these cards is interesting. On the one hand, we seem to have an externally directed energy with the outlaw, on the other hand, the energy seems to be slightly more introspective with the deep diver. Maybe this is an indication of the path you are meant to walk in this life dear Sagittarius. Maybe, just maybe, your life isn’t meant to make any sense at all. This is the mystery of the paradox. Two seemingly opposite things can peacefully coexist at the exact same time. You can be both an outlaw and a peaceful guide. The outlaw is someone who lives by their own rules. They are not necessarily angry, aggressive or violent. The outlaw simply indicates someone that exists outside of the confines of the law. Which one are you? Maybe you were always meant to be boundless. Maybe you were always meant to live on the outskirts of society looking in, challenging the status quo and pushing the bound of what is possible. This is the path of the unconventional and maybe, just maybe, this is the path you are meant to walk. Release trying to figure everything out. Release trying to stuff yourself into a box and allow yourself to just be. Dive into your depths and see where this takes you.



The Temple is carrying forward the energy of strength for you at this time dear Capricorn and The crone whispers Will-O-The-Wisp, letting you know that there are treasures hidden in the shadows. The Will-O-The-Wisp card can have 2 meanings: either you are meant to travel inwards into your shadows to uncover these treasures, or alternatively, there are treasures coming your way that are still hidden and veiled at this time. Whichever path is calling to you now, know that it is the right one. You will receive your treasure. You have the necessary strength, discipline and inner resilience to achieve absolutely anything. Nothing will stand in your way. Don’t be afraid of darkness either. Whether you are exploring your own inner darkness or things seem dark at the moment, brighter times are coming. There are unforeseen surprises coming your way. Keep holding on and maintaining your strength. Your treasures await.



The Temple brings you the message of The Sovereign. This is an acknowledgement of how far you have come dear Aquarius. You have journeyed deep. You have asked the important questions and now you get to sit on your throne and reap the rewards. Your diligence in life has awarded you the crown. The Crone is coming through to say that you used to be Lost in Space Needing Direction, but now, you are moving forward with crystal clear direction and conviction. You are The Sovereign and always have been. Similar to the message for Sagittarius, you had to be lost for a while in order to discover who you truly are underneath it all. Now, you will be rewarded for all of your efforts. You now have the willpower, strength and vision to help others who are currently still lost in space and needing direction. You have been the wanderer, seeking and searching and have now returned as the master, ready to guide and teach others. Do not be afraid of sharing more intimate and private aspects of yourself, especially if people show interest in who you are and what you are about. Open up and share from your heart. The unfoldment of this sharing and where it takes you might just surprise you.



Dearest Pisces, your season was a trial and a half for you. The Temple is coming through to highlight that you were doing heavy soul work at that time. It wasn’t easy. You healed and released a lot during that timeframe. You might have felt as though things would never get better and that you would be stuck in an endless loop of healing and possible self-sabotage. The Crone is coming through to take you by the hand and lead you to your crown (Crown Games-Right Use of Power). Though it might not feel like it just yet, you have successfully passed your soul tests and lessons and are now deserving of the crown. With this crown comes great responsibility. As an ancient soul well versed in spiritual matters, the temple and the crone are looking to you to guide and assist the next wave of healers, spirit guides and teachers. You have been through much and it is now up to you to share what you have learned. Writing or speaking could be important for you at this time. Do not second guess yourself or your talents. Go with the flow and allow your experiences to inspire you. You are right on track.


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