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Aries North Node: Awakening The Leader Within

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

We had a big energetic shift happen in July 2023. The lunar nodes shifted from Scorpio and Taurus into Libra and Aries.

We had our north node, which is a point of destiny and known as the head of the dragon, in Taurus over the past 2 years. This caused a massive shift for the collective in terms of stability, wealth, money, material possession and values. There might have been profound discussions around life principles and values and how they shape our decision making in regard to stability and finances.

For a lot of us, these shifts entailed looking into our collective south node that was in Scorpio. This meant that our perception of money and our relationship to finances might have undergone some deep transformations. Some might even have experienced deep forms of destruction relating to business affairs. Business relationships and partnerships might have fallen apart and some businesses might have gone under. This was due to Scorpio’s destructive energy; anything that wasn’t serving was destroyed to make room for true stability, which is what Taurus craves above all else.

We learned transformative lessons (and we will be called to revisit just exactly what it is we have learned on the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus at the end of this month. More on that later...). Now, the collective has been ready for a change and this shift occurred this past July.

With the north node now in Aries, we are going to be more self-focused as a collective given that this astrological sign rules the first house in astrology, the house of self. A lot more of us are going to be stepping into becoming the masters of our own fates and destinies, regardless of what others may say or think for this is Aries we are taking about.

Aries is represented by the ram. He is ruled by Mars, the planet of war, virility, sex and action taking. This energy has been activated within the collective on July 17th, 2023.

Now is the best time for us to focus on who we truly are and what we truly want out of life. Aries is the fearless leader: they take charge. They aren’t afraid to try things that haven’t been done before. They listen to themselves first and foremost and tune out others and sometimes, this is exactly the form of leaderships we need.

Aries will be awakening this energy within us all (if he hasn’t already). He will be giving us the necessary fire to take that bold next step even if it does make sense to us.

To embrace Aries energy is to embrace the leader within. It is to awaken our inner emperor and to lead with conviction and principle, even when people disagree because they can’t see or understand the entirety of our vision.

To activate and walk in Aries energy means that sometimes you must be willing to walk alone.

Its about being that initial spark that is going to invoke true change in the world for the better.

We need more leaders that are focused on their vision. We need more leaders that are self-focused, tuning out the haters and those filled with doubt, for tuning out the haters and the disbelievers is sometimes the only way forward.

We all have Aries somewhere in our birth chart. Wherever he sits is where you will be given that extra fiery push to step up and claim your destiny.

Don’t be afraid to carve out your own path. For this is Aries’ way.

Let your inner leader come forth and shine.

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