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Air Signs~ New Moon in Aquarius & Next 2 Decades

Today, we have the Moon joining the Sun, Pluto and Mercury all in Aquarius.

This is giving us the needed energy to think outside the box and to get really creative, unconventional and innovative.

With the current energy being focused in the sign of Aquarius, we are going to be encouraged to drop the mask and the act we’ve been playing to really step into our authentic selves. The energies that are coming up today will be staying with us for the next little while, especially considering that Pluto is now here to stay.

With that in mind, I wanted to draw cards for the signs and offer a glimpse into what you can anticipate coming your way, not only during the current transit, but over the next 2 decades as Pluto makes its way through Aquarius.

The cards are going to be looking at what energy is going be activated within you during this new moon and for the duration of Pluto in Aquarius. We will also explore the guiding force leading you forward on your path. Next we will explore the energy you will be called to embody and integrate over the next few years in order to fully become who you truly are. Lastly, what is a new moon without a moon message. The final card will be a moon affirmation card.

You can find the decks used at the bottom of this article. If you are curious about what the cards look like, you can find them on my Instagram @iamthedragongoddess. Finally, if you are seeking to get in touch with me, feel free to write to me to I would love to walk alongside you for a little while.

Please note that these messages are intended for your rising sign, but as always, trust your intuition. If you are guided to read for your Sun, Moon or stellium placement, please do so! There is a message for you there.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!


Activation Message:

32-Merkabah~ The frequency of the Merkabah supports our ability to use our consciousness to traverse into other layers of reality and dimensions. It activates our access to our Akashic inheritance as well, merging the totality of our experiences into our present to serve our highest purpose.” Dear Gemini, the Merkabah frequency is here to help you align yourself to your truest path. There might have been a lot of volatility, sudden changes on your path so far. The universe is coming through to say that the next 2 decades will be your time. It will be a time for you to truly figure out and understand who you are.

Be prepared to undergo a lot of divine activations. You might very well begin to remember the truth of who you are, that you are an eternal soul here to have an experience. With this experience comes mistakes, heartache and loss. With this experience also comes love, friendship and material success. The wheel of fortune is constantly spinning. You will be rising in terms of frequency and energy over the next coming decades. Prepare to emerge transformed. Allow the Merkabah to come through and be your guide. If ever you feel that something is impossible to surmount, tap into this frequency. Allow it to wash all over you and to cleanse your chakras one by one. Allow the remembrance of who you truly are to shine through.

Guiding Force:

30-Horseman~ Herald of Change”. The next 2 decades are going to be full of change for you dear Gemini, good change. Some of the changes are what you have been praying for for what can seem like an eternity. Whatever your heart has been desiring will be coming to your doorstep. If you are seeking a romantic relationship, new love is indicated and coming towards you. You might have to travel to meet this unexpected love. For those of you in relationships, a new cycle of love begins. Your duo might become 3 as you prepare to welcome in a new family member.

Energy Embodiment:

Spiritual Journey”. You are about to embark upon a profound spiritual journey dear Gemini. For some of you, this journey will require travel, for others of you, it will require deep moments of introspection and quiet reflection. For others of you, it will require that you leave behind the old and embrace the unknown. The mysteries of the universe are calling to you now and will be calling to you over the next 2 decades. Pluto is transiting your 9th house of higher learning, religion and travel.

You might be inclined to return back to school or to explore fewer known forms of knowledge. Allow your inner curiosity to be your guide at this time. Dare to venture off the beaten path for that is where your soul dwells. Be brave. The spiritual journey and the quest to know oneself is no easy feat. Once you begin, there is no going back. Embrace your path with resolve and strength of character. It is time.

Moon affirmation:

I am curious about my true nature. I seek to understand myself~Waning Gibbous 1”. Time to unravel all those layers dear Gemini. Get excited. The new and true you is about to surface. Finally!


Activation Message:

42-Tantric Journey~ The frequency of Tantric Journey helps us to unlock the hidden knowledge and wisdom that we intrinsically hold about how to reach a state of wholeness and completion through our sensual experiences with ourselves and with another”. Dear Libra, you will be embarking on a strong romantic journey over the next 2 decades. Be prepared to emerge completely changed. How you view love and what love means to you might vary significantly. Allow the energy of the tantric journey to be your guiding force. Allow this energy to inspire deeper and richer intimacy within yourself. True intimacy, desire, depth and love start with the self. If you can’t meet your own sense of self with depth, intimacy, vulnerability and desire, how can you hope to meet another?

Allow love and its endless possibilities to inspire you. Where can you evolve in terms of inner love with yourself? What would it mean to you to explore your inner sensuality and passionate side? What emotions or feelings come up for you when sensuality, sexuality and passion are mentioned? Simply notice what these words awaken within you. Whatever this is, this is where you need to venture and explore. Allow this sensual energy to activate and awaken your senses. Sensuality is a big part of being alive. Give yourself the chance to experience it, bask in it and indulge in it. Watch how this frequency completely revitalizes your entire vessel.

Guiding Force:

34-Lay of the Land~Ancestral Wisdom”. Dear Libra, your path has not always been easy. That is because you where hand picked by your ancestors to break down barriers they never could. All the wounding that they did not get to process before they transitioned has been passed down to you. This could have taken the shape of health ailments, relationships issues or financial struggles and constraints. Know that this cycle, this phase is coming to a close over the next few years. You will begin to feel liberated and like yourself again. Similar to Virgo, you also chose to be your ancestral champion, breaking generational challenges right, left and center.

This has not been easy for you to the point where you may have wanted to give up at times or wished for an easier life. The easier life you seek is coming. Though you will still be called upon to face your own set of challenges, you will have the vitality, the energy and the knowhow. What used to trigger and upset you before will now be a piece of cake to move through because you have mastered the soul lessons set forth by your ancestors.

You should be very proud of yourself dear Libra. You have reached further than your ancestors ever dreamt possible. You are their greatest blessing. Allowing yourself to receive positive outcomes without wondering when the other shoe is going to drop because should another shoe indeed drop, you’ll know exactly how to handle the situation. Trust in yourself. Your ancestors do.

Energy Embodiment:

Temptation”. Though it could be tempting for you to regress to old ways dear Libra, know and trust that you will not. And that if you do, you will have the necessary strength to pick yourself back up again. You are endowed with so much resilience. You can weather any storm, literally, and come out on top. Don’t allow past relationships or connections that were not supportive to come back around and ruffle your feathers (because they will). See these interactions as opportunities for you to showcase just how far you have come in regard to your own inner healing and evolution.

Moon affirmation:

Every day I bring radical self-love to my mind, body and spirit~Waxing Crescent 4”. Let self-love be your guide and shining beacon. Whenever things seem dark or too hard to bear, give yourself a break and show yourself more love.


Activation Message:

35-Perception~ The frequency of Perception supports our natural curiosity, moving us beyond our comfort zone to find the edges of what we perceive as real and to take a good, hard, deep look at it.” Dear Aquarius, prepare to have your perception of self and others drastically change over the next coming years. You are going to be receiving a whole new makeover. You have always been one to blaze your own trail and to be unconventional. The universe is going to be inviting you to take that unconventionality to the next level. How can you increase your reach and impact? What kind of difference would you want to be making in the world?

It all starts with your perception. How are you already making things better by you simply being you? Being able to focus in on the details and highlighting where you already know success will help you expand your goals and objectives. Think bigger Aquarius. The sky isn’t even the limit. There is no limit. Let your perception and imagination wonder into the furthest of galaxies. Allow yourself to astral travel, daydream and brainstorm all the ways in which you can contribute to society by bringing even more of your uniqueness to the table. Don’t be afraid to take risks and to dramatically move out of your comfort zone.

If that job is holding you back, quit. If that relationship is draining your energy, leave. You are too pure of a soul to be held back by conventional things dear Aquarius. If you think that quitting that job or leaving that relationship isn’t possible, tap into your perception: what are you not seeing about the situation? Ask the universe for guidance in these matters. Maybe there is a subconscious fear of the unknown, not knowing what will happen to you if you quit that job or leave that relationship? Know that the universe is coming through to say that it is supporting you fully.

You have nothing to worry about. Like a cat, you will land on your feet. Trust that the universe has got you in the palms of its hand. Take that leap into the unknown and allow your path to completely blow you away in the best of ways.

Guiding Force:

35-Lost Compass~ Getting back to Integrity”. Interestingly enough dear Aquarius, you have received the number 35 twice. This number could be significant for you. It also makes an 8 which represents infinity. When did you stop dreaming about what you wanted to do with your life? The lost compass is expressing that you might have been feeling lost lately, unsure of what you next steps should be. The divine is asking you to tune inwards and to reconnect with your core values. What do you stand for? What are you here to embody? Understand that integrity, the way you move and act through life is meant to be one of your guiding forces at this time and over the next 2 decades.

How can you get back into integrity with yourself? Where have you lost touch with your inner integrity? What situations or people have challenged your sense of integrity? As you ponder these questions dear Aquarius, notice how you feel. While Pluto is in your sign, your feelings are going to be playing a more significant role in your life. Deeply buried emotions and experiences are going to be surfacing for you to heal and mend. Anything that has been swept under the rug over the past years will be brought into the light. This will be a healing journey for you.

Energy Embodiment:

Sexuality”. Sexuality at its basic form is a means of self-expression. Dear Aquarius, you will be invited to explore the depths of your sexuality and what it means to you. Don’t be afraid to try different things. Make sure you engage with people and partners that share the same values as you and allow you to be your truest self. Put yourself out there. For others of you, this card is encouraging you to begin a healing journey around your sexuality. Where are you still hiding? Where are you holding back your weird quirky self?

There are all kinds of people in the world Aquarius, some just like you. Don’t hide who you are because your sexual fantasies and desires seem to out there and strange. Explore different groups. As you start to own more of who you are at a sexual level, you will naturally begin to attract like minded people. If venturing down this road seems to be to dauting to do on your own, allow yourself some support. Work with a guide or healer or therapist as you explore these aspects of yourself.

If you have a close friend or partner, open yourself up and practice deep vulnerability. Understand that how they respond to your vulnerability has nothing to do with you but everything to do with where they are on their journey. If they judge, mock or ridicule you, they are not your people. You deserve to be surrounded by people that get you. They are out there dear Aquarius, allow them to find you.

Moon affirmation:

I shine my light outwards for all to see. ~ Moon Goddess Diana”. Shine your bright beautiful, unconventional light Aquarius. Release what others might say or think. Being you is the greatest treasure you can truly offer the cosmos.

Decks used:

Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle by LON

The Shaman’s Dream Oracle by Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid

The Primordial Warrior Oracle by Levi Smits

Moon Magick-Deep Moon Messages by Stacey Demarco

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