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12~12 Portal: Unity Consciousness

A lot is moving through the collective at this time. We have the 12-12 portal and a New Moon in Sagittarius.

Based on tarot numerology, we have the magician energy (1) and the high priestess energy (2) coming out, both embodying the divine masculine and the divine feminine principle. We have this energy twice and therefore amplified. We also have 1+2= 3, twice, which gives us the master number 33. The master number 33 is about healing and becoming the master healer.

We as a collective are moving through duality (1) and (2) to reach unity (3). We are leaving the dual nature of Gemini to reach and strive for the unified energy of Sagittarius. We are ready to truly ascend and embody unity consciousness at this time.

It is our time to step into this frequency and ground it into the collective.

Sagittarius represents the teacher, the philosopher and the explorer. It’s about tapping into the light attributes of this zodiac sign and not using this energy to avoid or run away from things that are difficult.

We need to embody the divine teacher that is seeking wisdom for the betterment of the collective. And the key here is the betterment of the collective. It’s not about constantly exploring or traveling to avoid or to run away from things through “seeking knowledge” (you know deep down if this is you).

This portal, combined with the energy of the new moon, is about tapping into the whole self, the unified self that transcends the physical plane to become one with God/source/the universe/light.

This portal is open for us to walk through, but we need to be the ones that walk through it, knowing we deserve it and have earned it.

Sag energy, mixed in with the master healer energy 33, reminds us that there will always be things that we can improve or be better at, but that at a soul level, we are healed and whole right now. Our soul has always been whole, unified and connected to source. This is the fundamental truth that we are ready to embody and step into at this time, if we choose to.

A lot of us are going to step through this portal and claim everything our heart desires because we know we deserve it. Others of us are going to remain in a loop of pain and suffering, ignoring the opportunity being given to us at this time.

Sag is coming through to remind us that we have free will, that we are the weavers of our destiny alongside spirit. We are not separate, but one. Giving into the illusion of separation is a choice we make, either consciously or subconsciously. We were never separate. We were always unified. We chose to experience this illusion of separateness so that we could experience coming together again. We chose to experience duality so that we could experience unity and oneness again.

The frequency of God/source/the universe is us. But in order to know this and remember it, we chose to experience forgetting and experiencing its opposite.

We are ready to release this duality to step into unity so that we may move forward and call forward our destiny. Our grandest vision for our lives is coming down for us to step into and embody. A lot of psychic activations and downloads will be coming through at this time.

Be clear on what you want and how you want to feel when it comes to your life. What do you envision yourself doing? How do you want to feel from day to day? Really start to ask yourself the deep questions. You don’t need to have a clear direction or plan yet. Allow yourself to dream and to tap into the frequency of the creator/God/source/the universe.

Call back your soul memories and remember your truth: you are the universe/God/light/source. You are one with everything. You always were. You simply had to remember.

So remember dear chosen one, and embody all that you came here to be. Your time is now.

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