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Knowing Thyself Is The Key To Your Purpose

Before being clear on what your purpose is, you must be clear on who you are.

As you weather different storms, pursuing and flowing towards your heart’s desires, remaining anchored in who you are, and your truth will be your saving grace.

We are often asked what are purpose is, but rarely are we asked who we are. Our purpose is an external emanation of who we are. So first, we must know who we are if we are to eventually emanate a soul led purpose and existence.

The step of knowing thyself is often skipped because it requires immense levels of discipline, commitment and devotion.

Discipline, commitment and devotion to removing all the programs.

Discipline, commitment and devotion to removing all the conditioning.

Discipline, commitment and devotion to recognizing and acknowledging the wounds and the traumas we have been carrying for far too long.

This step is often skipped because it is difficult. It is challenging and it can be deeply painful. But it is necessary. Knowing who you are underneath all the wounds, traumas and conditioning is what ultimately leads you to your purpose and your soul’s calling.

So I will ask, do you know who you are?

If not, your journey begins inside yourself, not out there pursuing retreats or plants medicines.

Unfortunately we’ve been conditioned to believe that the answers lie somewhere else, somewhere external to our own being but this is part of the deception. This deception serves to keep us disempowered and disconnected from our inner light, always chasing the next workshop, retreat or spiritual summit, never truly becoming the sovereign or master of our fate.

All the answers you seek and could ever need are found within the portal of your soul.

If you find that you are constantly chasing the next spiritual “fix”, it is time for you to turn inwards. Reflect. Contemplate. Who are you? Sit in stillness, sit in solitude. Let your soul come alive and ignite your remembrance. Deep down, under the wounds, under the conditioning and the programming you know exactly who you are.

You just need to commit and devote yourself to peeling these layers...

Allow yourself to begin your inwards journey and see how magical, empowering and exciting it can be.

It’s worth it, I promise.

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