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Full Moon in Scorpio- Tuning into Sexual Expression

Disclaimer: the main subject of this article is sex and sexuality. The objective is to provide my perspective in the hopes of illuminating a different understanding of the subject. This article in no shape or form denies the fact that sexuality exists on a spectrum.

Hello wonderful souls,

Today we have the powerful and magnetic full moon in Scorpio. If you have been following me for a while, you know that full moons are all about releasing energy. The full moon is the final stage of the lunar cycle (before it begins again), and it encourages us to surrender and let go. This energy can feel like a pressurized build up on the verge of exploding and can entail sleepless nights, heightened sensitivity and emotions being a bit more turbulent than usual.

When we have a full moon in the sign of the sexy, mysterious, deep and penetrative Scorpio, the energy is bound to be intense. With the moon at its climax, all things Scorpio are magnified. This means that anything having to do with the occult, magic, sex, magnetism, alchemy, death and rebirth naturally want to be seen and experienced.

If there are darker parts of yourself that you are trying desperately to keep in the shadows, the luminosity of the full moon in Scorpio will have none of it. If things have secretly been building, this will be brought forward for nothing can stay hidden for long under Scorpio’s sharp, penetrative gaze.

But what exactly is being illuminated under this full moon?

Scorpio, in its shadow aspects can be possessive, jealous, vengeful, cruel and shrouded in secrecy. In terms of light attributes, Scorpio is the master of the death and rebirth process, understanding that nothing lasts forever and that everything can be transformed.

Sex and sexuality are also themes ruled by Scorpio. When it comes to sex and sexuality, this sign goes deep quickly. They usually want to know the ins and outs of your sex life and know if your sexual appetite can match theirs. This can be Scorpio’s best or worse trait.

Being prone to addiction, this over fixation on sex and sexuality can cause one to become addicted to sex and to use sex as a means to cope with deeper rooted issues. Sex can also be used as a way to avoid or distort hidden aspects of oneself such as repressed emotions, trauma, grief and pain.

With the full moon being in Scorpio, our relationship to sex and sexuality is naturally being illuminated for us to contemplate and reflect on.

Do you have a healthy relationship when it comes to sex and your sexuality? Or do these parts of yourself still feel shameful and prone to triggering guilt and discomfort? Do you enjoy sex? Why or why not? Do you feel confident expressing your sexual desires? Again, why or why not? What is truly holding you back?

Enter Taurus.

Taurus is Scorpio’s axis opposite. Astrological axis opposites can be a source of tension but here, under the full moon, we are being encouraged to see how scorpionic energy flows effortlessly into taurean energy.

Scorpio is a water sign and Taurus is an earth sign. Both elements are harmonious. If the intensity of Scorpio energy is too much to bear at this time, consider tapping into the grounded, stable, sensual energy of Taurus. With Taurus being an earth elemental, this zodiac sign naturally alludes to how we feel within our body. Within this bodily connection, we move into our senses and tap into how we experience taste, touch, scent, feel, and sight. Taurus, similar to its axis counterpart, loves to splurge (shopping spree anyone?) and does indeed enjoy the finer things in life. The finer things in life can include indulging in a nice bubble bath, enjoying a delicious meal or having a relaxing massage. Taurus innately gravitates towards things that are enjoyable and pleasurable, and sex and sexuality are no exception. Afterall, Taurus is ruled by Venus, known by the Greeks as Aphrodite, Goddess of sexual love, fertility, beauty, pleasure and desire.

So under this full moon, Taurus and Scorpio encourage you to reclaim your power lost to shame and guilt, especially surrounding your pleasure, sex, sexuality and sensuality.

Indulge, splurge and reinvigorate your senses. Release any shame or guilt holding you back from expressing your true sexual and sensual self. Your soul will thank you.

Signed Taurus and Scorpio,

Your grounded sensual and sexual guides.


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