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What it means to be woman

What it means to be woman.

For so long, a war has been waged against the feminine. The feminine, once powerful and mighty, has all but been eroded and lost to the sands of time.

We are only now witnessing a resurgence of the feminine. The sacred feminine is once again finally on the rise.

The war against the feminine has sought to enslave this energic part of ourselves (and this regardless of our gender), where we have seen the feminine be villainized, objectified, sexualized, abused, repressed, suppressed, distorted and perverted.

The divinity of the feminine has been raped, violated and desecrated. And yet, some of us have endured. Some of us have remembered the awe and beauty exuded by the feminine. Some of us have remembered the potency, the magnetism and sheer power of the feminine. This remembrance of the sacred feminine has initiated many of us into embodying her fullness, her fierceness, her raw power, mysticism and unparallel mystery.

This remembrance has been a gateway into divine embodiment of the sacred feminine.

For to be the embodiment of the sacred feminine is to let the feminine principle lead and be in the dominate position. This does not mean that the feminine is superior. Far from it. She is simply different in how she chooses to operate and move through life.

The feminine is intuitive, sensing and introspective in nature. She is the creative, the visionary and the dream weaver. She is the ancient medicine that soothes the soul and balms the spirit. Her ways are of an ethereal beauty not of this world.

To be the embodiment of the feminine is to forgo the patriarchal ways of society, choosing the ancientness of the feminine over trends, popularity and fame.

To be the embodiment of the feminine is to stand in value, principle and unyielding integrity.

To be the embodiment of the feminine is to stand with courage, conviction and power that emanates from the heart.

To be the embodiment of the feminine is to discern when to share wisdom and when to withhold in silence.

More and more souls are subconsciously embodying the essence of the feminine and more and more souls are consciously embodying the feminine. We, as the conscious embodiment of the feminine, are showing honor, admiration, appreciation and deep reverence for the sacredness that the divine feminine represents.

As women, we have at a soul level selected to be given the choice: the choice to be the embodiment of the feminine, and this, in a way that serves our soul. This means that the feminine cannot in itself be put in a box. I cannot tell you what it means to be woman, for every woman is unique in her expression and how she views herself, but I can tell you what it means to be woman to me.

To be woman to me is to allow my softness, my gentleness and inner nurturance to shine.

To be woman to me is to allow my wild and primal nature to be felt and witnessed.

To be woman to me is to allow my inner waters to flow freely.

To me woman to me is to allow my inner storms to rage untamed.

To be woman to me is to feel, to express, to sense everything and nothing simultaneously.

To be woman to me is to intuit, to channel and be a divine conduit for spirit.

For to me, I am a feminine woman.

Though my inner masculine is just as empowered and is a strong force and presence within my energetic aura, he understands that he exists to serve, protect and watch over my feminine. He comes out to dutifully safeguard my feminine nature. Together, in perfect harmony, I live a life of inner union and balance for I have reclaimed my womanhood and my sacredness. I remembered my divine femininity.

Both my feminine and masculine need each other. In allowing my feminine to lead, I have been able to magnetize a divine masculine that sees me in my fullest expression.

This man has seen me at my worst. He has seen me wage wars and has seen me shed countless tears out of pain, frustration and sadness. And yet, he has remained by my side, holding me through all of it.

Though I have done the inner work to reclaim my feminine essence and my womanhood (all the while patriarchy has tried hard to prevent this), the presence of a conscious masculine has deepened and enriched my femininity even more.

This is what it means when we say that inner union is what should be strived for.

The harmonization of my inner feminine and masculine allowed me the possibility to attract a partner that is also in inner harmony and peace within himself.

This man is my safety. And within this safety, I have flourished. Through this connection, I have blossomed. Through this love, I have unfurled my power and my raw beauty. I have unleashed my femininity.

For the longest time, I didn’t understand what it meant to be a woman. But through this union, I now do.

Being the woman in this relationship has allowed me to expand even deeper into myself. I have reached deep levels of intimacy and liberation within this connection.

I know how fortunate and truly blessed I am to have met such a man. Though today is International Woman’s Day, I wouldn’t been the flourishing, blossoming, unfurling woman I am today without the love, support and understanding provided by my partner.

I feel woman when I am with him.

I feel woman in the way he looks at me.

I feel woman in the way he touches me.

I feel woman in all the ways that he knows exactly what I need.

I feel woman in the way he holds me.

I feel woman in all the ways that I express myself and am seen and heard.

I feel woman in all the ways that I feel deeply and he is there holding space for it all.

I feel woman in all the ways imaginable because I have found a man that allows me to be.

Though everyone’s experience with femininity and womanhood is different and unique, this is mine.

I love being a woman. I can finally say that and mean it.

And so it is…

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