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Pluto in Aquarius~A New Era for Humanity

The day is here. Pluto has shifted into Aquarius.

I talked about this shift a few days ago but there is still so much to be said. We are closing an era. And era where the focus was destroying and rebuilding structures, government order and revisiting the rule of law, all areas ruled by Capricorn.

As a collective, we were forced to revisit our own internal structures and to allow Pluto’s transformative force to destroy all that no longer served us.

One of the main themes of Pluto being in Capricorn was exposing weak foundations and structures. Pluto in Aquarius is now going to shift our lens to exposing weak principles, values, and vision when it comes to the betterment of humanity.

If you are not rooted in integrity and moving towards a vision that favors the evolution of humanity and the world, you can anticipate crumbling and severe tower moments on your path. Now, tower moments are not bad. They are the work of the divine to set us on the right path again. But Pluto in Aquarius is really going to challenge us to hold our sacred vision.

Does your business, way of life contribute to making things better for people, the environment and animals? Or are you still operating out of wounds, traumas and past hurts, hurting others, Mother Gaia and her creatures with this lingering pain?

With Pluto now being in Aquarius, this energy will be allowing us to display just how much internal work we’ve done. Those that have been diligent with their shadow work, tending to their wounds, will be the front runners of this new era. They will be the initiators, the guides and the healers leading the next wave of changemakers. They will be the revolutionaries, the visionaries and the rebels standing for something greater than themselves. And it’s in understanding that this revolution will be seen externally over the next few decades. For the past 40 years, this revolution has been happening internally, but we will finally begin to see external results in the upcoming years. We can anticipate substantial changes when it comes to business, healing and how we connect with one another. Everything will be encouraged to take on a humanist and revolutionary lens.

This planetary shift will spark more and more souls to awaken. These newly awakened souls are going to need guidance; they are going to need support. They will be looking for the souls that have been in the trenches doing the inner work and that have survived.

More than ever, Pluto in Aquarius asks: will you answer the call?

Will you answer the call of your brothers and sisters that are still suffering? Will you answer the call of your brothers and sisters that are still in darkness? If the answer is yes, prepare for some massive upleveling this year, especially when it comes to your vocation, life path, business or career. Like a lightning bolt, Pluto in Aquarius is going to put you in the right places at the right time. This is your gift for being diligent with your inner work. This is your reward. Because cue powerful Uranus making his entrance. Now that we have become soul masters through Saturn, we are now ready to step into the role of the sacred rebel, the sacred visionary with Uranian energy moving through the collective at an unprecedented rate. Anticipate cosmic downloads, visions shifting into soul alignment, higher timelines coming down, and making an impact on the collective at large with your soul’s beauty, wisdom and work.

For those that will refuse the call, you can anticipate more tower moments. The divine hand selected you to be here to assist humanity. The divine loves you enough to keep intervening in your life until you finally say yes, it is time. The choice is yours.

With Pluto being in Aquarius, the way we choose to lead our lives will be spotlighted. More than ever, The God of the Underworld and the God of Awakening will challenge us to show up in our power, in our wisdom, in our cosmic weirdness.

Your unique weirdness and quirkiness send signals out into the universe to those souls that are in need of your special aura and energy. As you stand even stronger in your own authentic authority, the universe will send more and more people your way that you are destined and fated to meet.

This is just how energy works. When we embody our unique, authentic vibration, it sends ripples out into the universe so that people who are a vibrational match to us can find us. This is a result of doing the inner work. As we shed the layers of conditioning and trauma, we shine. And as we shine even brighter, we allow ourselves to attract and magnetize towards us exactly what is meant for us. This is the law of the universe. This is the blessing of Pluto in Aquarius being bestowed upon us at this time.

Will you answer the call? Say yes because Pluto in Aquarius is seeking you!


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