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Astro Report

Channeled Report by a Psychic Intuitive
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Ready to unlock the cosmic wisdom hidden in your stars through a written birth chart report?

My channeled psychic birth chart report is an immersive experience where I connect with the energy of your birth chart to channel messages for you.

Your written Astro Report includes:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the planets and zodiac signs

  • The positions of the planets within your birth chart

  • An interpretation of the 12 astrological houses

  • Channeled messages from the planets themselves

  • Insight into: your core identity; values; communication style; romantic preferences; ideal career path and much more...

*** This is not your ordinary, computer-generated birth chart report.***

As a psychic intuitive, I do more than just study the planets – I establish a relationship with them, channeling their insight specifically for you. I dive into your celestial blueprint's energy and become a conduit for its  wisdom.


No one else will receive the same report or messages as you. 


The planets have unique messages just for you... Will you answer their call?

Written Astro Report sent via email

Price: $88 CAD

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