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Awakening the Sovereign 

Are you tired of drifting through life, feeling powerless and directionless?

Are you seeking to understand yourself to uncover your purpose?

Spirituality offers hope, but many avoid confronting their inner demons, leading to a suppressed self that lacks genuine soul.

True power can only emerge from embracing both our light and our darkness.

If you're done with feeling lost and invisible, it's time to remember who you are at a soul level. Ignite your inner Sovereign and reclaim your power today.


Oracle Reading

Empowerment through the eyes of an oracle.

Sacred guidance and clarity from beyond the veil.

Gain insight and support for where you are right now.


Astrology Reading

Soul Remembrance through the Stars

Receive a psychic birth chart reading.

Gain insight into your unique soul map.

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Archetype Wheel  Reading

Awakening the ancient archetypes within.

We  chose specific archetypes to guide us. Discover which ones are currently leading you forward.

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Soul Journeys

Awakening the Sovereign Within

If you are seeking to take the dive into inner work to emerge empowered...this offering is for you.

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